Decoration Ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi at Home

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the important festivals of Hindus, celebrated across India. Regardless of different cultures, traditions and rituals followed with respect to celebrating this auspicious day, the core part of Ganesh Chaturthi festival remains the same. We bring the idol of Ganesha, decorate Him and please Him with poojas, offerings, etc.

This festival is celebrated elaborately in a few parts of India. Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra is famous for its grandeur. But it is also celebrated with same enthusiasm in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa. NRIs living in United States, Mauritius and Canada also celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi in a grand manner.

The specialty of this festival is decorating the idol and the home. Every house brims with colorful decorations and lavish offerings to the Lord Ganesha. The quest of decorating the homes become more vibrant and colorful every year.

While a few celebrate the festival lavishly, unleashing a bit of creativity will surely help you with the décor your home beautifully on Ganesh Chaturthi, without spending too much.

Decoration Ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi

From the traditional flowers and colourful clothes to modern ways of using thermacol and nature oriented grass and peacock feathers etc., there is no dearth of decoration ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi at home! Here are few of them for you.

Green Décor – Eco Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

Avoiding any plastic or synthetic material itself makes the eco-green decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi festival. The importance of eco friendly environment need not be stressed more! You can use eco friendly decoration to welcome your Lord Ganesha.

Green Grass decoration- in sync with nature!

It is grown everywhere enormously. If it is a celebration that lasts for no more than 3 or 4 days, you can decorate the Pandal with fresh green grass. Instead of grass, you can also use Bermuda Grass, the holy grail of Lord Ganesha. Grass makes the atmosphere cool and pleasant.

decoration-ideas-for-ganesh-chaturthi-at-homePhoto-credit- Eco-Friendly Ganesh

You can grow grass at home. Remember, it will take a few days to grow grass, so start this at least 5 days before the day of festival.

  • Choose the place where you intend to place the Ganesha idol for pooja.
  • Lay a thermacol sheet or paper to prevent the soil ruining your floor.
  • Spread the potting soil at least for 3 inches from the floor.
  • You can choose mustard seeds or wheat germ to grow grass
  • Soak the seeds in cold water to initiate germination for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Sow the seeds generously on the soil and just drizzle water.
  • In 3 to 4 days, the seeds will germinate and the sprouts grow into grass.
  • Remember to keep the soil moist.

You can place the idol in the middle of this grass garden. Decorate the grass land with tiny flowers spread on the grass here and there.


Another eco-friendly way of decoration on Ganesha Chaturthi at home

Want to know more about eco friendly celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi? Here’s How to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

Hang duppatas and sarees for a Colorful Ganesh Chaturthi decoration

This is one of the cheapest and almost cost free decoration ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi.

Women always have a lot of colorful clothes in their closet. Pick up the colorful sarees and duppatas to decorate the background of the pandal. Pick the sarees and duppatas with minimal designs. Hang a bunch of sarees creating a stunning backdrop to the celebration.


If you have the sarees or duppatas in different colors featuring same design, you can decorate the whole pandal with clothes. This is the best way to create a vibrant decoration without spending too much.

Choose the colors wisely.

It will be so beautiful if you can choose the sarees with same designs or patterns. Don’t go for sarees with heavy decorations. Pick the ones with lace borders, stones, etc.

Contrasting shades

Instead of using multiple colors, you can use two contrasting colors for decoration. For instance, white and yellow; Red and white; Orange and white; etc. However, make sure that you have identical sarees.

Red silk saree

You can also make a grand decoration with a red silk saree. Almost every woman will have a red silk saree. Whether it is a South Indian Bride or a North Indian Bride, red silk saree is a part of the wedding. You can use a red silk saree to decorate the backdrop.


Hang a red silk saree with full jari work behind the Ganesha idol. Make sure that the red saree creates a beautiful backdrop for the idol.

Heavy embellished sari

Still, if you don’t have a red saree, go with any saree that has heavy embellishment. Hang the saree as the backdrop and use lights behind the saree to create a sparkling effect. It will be a charming decoration when you use colorful lights behind the white or any light color saree.

Flower Decoration Ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi

Nothing can beat the beauty, bliss and elegance of decorating the Ganesha pandal with flowers. In fact, flowers form major part of pooja ceremonies and festivals. No pooja is complete without offering flowers to the deities. How to use flowers for decoration?

Create garlands using different flowers

Buy different varieties of flowers and make different types of garlands to decorate the mandap and garland for the idol. Hang tiny garlands decorating the pandal.

Tie jasmine in a long thread and hang the jasmine behind the idol in semi-circular form. If the ganesh idol is painted colorful in dark shades, you can use jasmine flower hangings. Alternatively, go for dark colored flowers and hang it for the idol in white.


Draw religious symbols with flowers

You can use flowers to create religious symbols like Swastic symbol, Om symbol, etc. Set a base with light color flower and draw the symbol using a dark color flower.

Flower Rangoli

There is no hard and fast rule about creating flower rangoli for festivals. In fact, it creates a nice and charming ambience to the ceremonies. Make a beautiful floral rangoli. When the floral rangoli is extravagant, you can keep the mandap decorations simple with just a few garlands.

Water Rangoli

Placing a pot of pure water with fresh flowers invites a lot of good charms into your home. Why don’t you try a water rangoli to decorate the mandap on Ganesh Chaturthi at your home?

Choose a wide mouth vessel and pour water and spread the flower petals. You can also choose six or eight equal sized bowls or vessels to decorate the mandap. Place three or four flowers in each bowl and place it around the idol!

Flower Bed

Create a beautiful flower bed to place the idol. Fresh rose petals are a good choice to spread on the floor and place the Ganesha idol.

Decorate the Aarti Thalis for Ganesha Chaturthi Celebration

You place many Aarthi Thalis for the pooja. Decorate different thalis with different items. You can choose the thali of any metal- steel, copper, silver, etc. It is good to choose the thalis in different sizes and shapes.


  • Use flowers to decorate a plate. Choose rose, marigold, jasmine, etc.
  • Beetle leaves can be used to decorate the thali
  • Draw rangoli using various colors
  • Place artistic Diyas on the thali
  • Arrange the sweets and desserts in an artistic way.

Thermocol Decoration Ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi at Home

If you don’t have sufficient place to decorate a medium sized pandal to place the idol, you can make it simple yet beautiful with thermocol sheets. You can use a small table and decorate it. You can even use the low rise tables to place the idol.

Thermocol and garlands

  • Cover the table with soft cloth or even thermocol sheet and place the idol.
  • Paint the thermocol sheet in yellow (auspicious color) or in any color you choose. Draw the swastik symbol using a contrasting color to the background of the thermocol color.
  • Generally, yellow and red makes a beautiful combination that also provides a spiritual vibe!
  • Paint the edges of the thermocol in red or brown.
  • Hang a flower garland or even the colorful paper garlands on either side of the thermocol sheet creating a border.
  • Place the offering bowls, aarti thalis and pooja items before the table.

You can also make a Thermacol Mandap for Lord Ganesha

Thermacol and lights

Replace the garlands with lights. Hang decorative lights on either side of thermacol sheet. Also, hang three to four hanging lights behind the idol. You can choose the number of hanging lights based on the length of the sheet.

Make sure you don’t draw anything on the thermacol sheet. Paint the sheet using dark colors like maroon, deep red, etc if you hang the white or yellow lights. If you hang colorful lights, paint the sheet in light shade.

Instead of hanging lights all over the board, you can also decorate the edges with light and hang the silver laces in the middle.

This simple décor looks effervescent and creates a vibrant atmosphere.

Peacock Feather Decorations for Ganesha Chaturthi at Home

Peacock is a beautiful bird. You can make your home look extremely lovely and pleasant with peacock feathers.

  • Choose the place where you place the idol of Ganesha. It would be good if you choose it closer to a wall.
  • Stick the peacock feathers on the wall on a semi-circular shape that appears like sun rays.
  • If you wish to decorate pandal, tie the feathers using golden paper into small bunches. Stick the feather on the pillars that covers the pillars of the pandal.
  • Just spread the peacock feathers around the idol.


Photo credit- Home Makeover

Vintage Decoration Idea for Ganesha Chaturthi

If you run out of time or any ideas, keep the decoration favoring the vintage style. Just put a plain fabric (probably a saree) behind the mandap. Hang two bells on the pillars and adorn the idol with a garland. Place the diyas at the pillars, light an incense stick and you are done! It is very simple, yet elegant!

These are only a few ideas of decorating for your Ganesh Chathurhti festival. You may gain more ideas when you start decoration!

General Tips on Decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi

There are no hard and fast rules about decoration for this auspicious day. You can use any object to decorate.

  • Use hand painted images, paintings and drawings to make the decoration more colorful.
  • As it is the birthday of dear Lord Ganesha, you can in fact, decorate your home as if for birthday celebration, with balloons, confetti, paper lanterns and birthday banners saying Happy Birthday Ganesha! If you didn’t know how the birth of Lord Ganesha took place, read it here- Lord Ganesh Birth Story
  • With a few flower garlands, nicely arranged pooja thalis and offerings, you can make a simple yet pleasant decoration on Ganesh Chaturthi.


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