Diwali Celebration at Office- Ideas and Activities

Feeling home at your workplace on special occasions like Diwali is the best thing when you don’t get much time to celebrate with your families, thanks to the ever mounting work pressure and decreasing Diwali leaves! Now companies find ways to keep their employees motivated so that they work with full spirit even around their most awaited festival of lights. Diwali gifts for employees are always there but theses gifts are just one way to show how important they are for the company. Now all the service industries and IT companies as well as other companies and business establishments including BPOs, food outlets, hotel and health care industry try their best to create family time in offices. These companies also make sure that employees who are working on Diwali are well compensated. However, working on Diwali don’t just need monetary compensation, it needs to be made into a special time for employees when they fully enjoy while working!

Diwali Celebration at Office

Diwali Celebration at Office- The Ideas!

Diwali celebration at work initially is more of a personal event when employees decorate their cubes and start clearing their old and useless stuff. Some of them even bring dry fruits or gold and silver coin candies to hand out to the people who come to their cubes or office. They most often change screensaver of their desktop computers. They also try hands on office decoration, infact Diwali specific cubicle decoration and decorate it with diyas and lights. They try to recreate the festive feel by bringing in photos of family and kids celebrating Diwali. So, why not encourage them and have a picture competition!

Diwali Pictures of Family Competition!

One of the office activity could be a photo competition where employees are asked to bring pictures of their families celebrating Diwali in the past years! And prizes for the best pictures. They can put these Diwali pics up in their work space or at some specific board in office for a day or even a week before Diwali. It will help create a festive mood at office.

How to Celebrate Diwali at Office? Create a Festive Mood!

Everyone needs fun and enjoyement at their workplace, specially when it is a grand occasion like Diwali! Below are some ideas for making office celebration more interesting and enjoyable by creating a festive environment at office itself.

  • Decorate beautiful Indian tablecloths and bed sheets to cover the tables in cafeteria, office galleries or any office venues.
  • Create centerpieces by decorating diyas, empty containers of fire crackers, dry fruits and nuts.
  • Create beautiful rangoli with flower, colours or rice at the entrance of the office.
  • Use customary Indian flowers like marigold to decorate the office place.
  • Take printout of traditional Diwali images for a collage for your notice boards.

Diwali Office Decoration

  • If your office rule allows, play traditional Diwali Indian music and get people to teach bollywood dancing!
  • Serve Indian food, sweets or deserts, dry fruits, snacks in the office canteen, specially those that are traditional authentic Diwali foods and sweets.
  • Gift gold and silvers wrapped coin chocolates as take away gifts for the employees. This can be presented as prizes for answering fun questions during lunch time or during an hour set aside for Diwali celebration at office!
  • Order a theme cake for diwali with diya and fire crackers art on them.
  • Read up Diwali traditions and reasons and you can have a chat with other employees in the office. In fact, this can be converted into a fun quiz for employees with a gift for every answer.
  • Play a slideshow of Diwali images, pictures of employees celebrating Diwali at office or with their families in the past years, on projector for a day in the office.
  • A henna artist may also be hired at office for a day to create festive mood for female employees of the office.
  • For male employees, a hair stylist or a tattoo artist can be called!

Involve all the Employees in Diwali Celebration at Office

Festive occasions are also a chance to shed the sober and serious office appearance, a platform to showcase employee talents at the workplace. Colleagues who never interact with each other should also be encouraged to use of their unique talents as Diwali celebration.

If someone is a good cook, he or she may be asked to bring or make some good cuisines to enjoy with the office family. Of course, it can be made a team activity, a fun activity for team by involving all like finding ingredients, assistance in cooking that can be provided by other employees. This will make them enjoy a lot.

Just like cooking, any activity can be converted into a fun activity for Diwali celebration at office, like painting, music, dancing, sketching, mimicry and a whole lot of them, whatever your employees are interested in! In this manner your celebration will become more than a holiday and that too right at the workplace!

Your workplace will be about fun and recreation during Diwali. Festival celebration are meant for breaking barrier in workplace, it helps in breaking hierarchies and boundaries between employees and senior professional. Diwali celebration is one of the occasions when people guard down and want to mingle with each other keeping their differences apart. This, as a bonus, also makes your office environment suitable for coordinated work even after Diwali celebration!

Some more Ideas for Diwali Celebration at Office

It doesn’t need to be always a grand Diwali party. Small office activities that are thoughtful enoungh can bring in the feel of Diwali celebration among the employees. Some of such activities for Diwali in office can be as below.

  • Hang up a bell at the entrance of the office so that any visitor who comes up, rings that bell and all the employees can greet the visitor together. A pleasant surprize for your office visitors too!
  • Organize traditional dance performances by the employees at a fix hour during the day and distribute goodies and prizes to them.
  • Another day, organize a music concert in the office where all the employees can show their singing talent and make the celebration some more interesting.
  • As told earlier too, you can appoint a henna specialist in the office for a day to groove the celebration of Diwali with henna body art. After all, Henna is not just for weddings!
  • Flowers like lilies and jasmines can be converted into a garland. This garland can then be decorated in the office which will give a spiritual enchantment to the office mood. You can even decorate flowers in pen stands, vases and cubes of your office.

Diwali office decoration

Ideas for Office Activities for Diwali

Just decorating the office, the Diwali way, may not be enough for your employees to have a feel of Diwali. Why not involve them in fun office activities to keep their morale high!

  • Organize various team competitions and floor activities such as Mr and Mrs well-dressed of the day. And you can even give goodies to the best decorated computer terminals.
  • Flash mobs can be fun when few of the employees suddenly start dancing to music for the purpose of entertainment and surprise. Flash mobs are widely used for entertainment in telecommunication and social media companies, why not make it one of the fun Diwali activities at your office too!
  • Corporate spelling bee game can be played with the employees. Make it Diwali specific by showing Diwali related images aur playing audio related to Diwali and then making employees spell the words. Make it a more fun activity to do by asking for Hindi or even spellings from different languages. An office with multicultural and multilingual employees can have a lots of fun with this activity.
  • Best caricaturist competition can be held in which employees have to draw caricature of their coworkers, surely this game will be fun with prominent features like hawk nose, mustache, hairstyle of the coworkers will be fun to see.
  • Earn your seat game can be played because sometimes employees are bored with their regular seating arrangement. Everyone wishes to sit near window or near the restroom or any favorite spot they love. Some easy games can be played to earn that seat and try to give new look to the office daily routine. In this game people can earn their favorite seat and people can even lose their favorite seat.
  • Bizarre Bazzar can be a very creative event in which employees can showcase their talents and skills and can put up a booth to sell their artistic creation, or any other items which shows their own identity.
  • Dart championship can be organized with each other in the office. Every employee can try with the dart board and increase the scoreboard to earn the gift. Anyone can be lucky that day.
  • To promote family atmosphere a potluck dinner or lunch can be organized in which employees can cook and bring food in office. It is very famous way for providing a large meal for everyone in a very creative way.
  • Indoor bowling and Golf can be organized on a fairly flat surface of cafeteria, conference rooms, and hallway between the cubicles etc. Equipment can be hired for a day and referee can be from amongst the employee. The space between the employee cubicles is thought to the best place to set a golf course in your office.
  • Marble championship can be played to take the employees back to their childhood days. Everyone reminisces about their playgrounds and childhood games!
  • When everyone leaves after work there are many people left in the office to take care of many other ongoing things in the office. Make diwali day special for them by thanking your receptionist for taking calls, security guard for guarding the office and office boys for taking care of the needs all the time. Gift them goodies and Diwali hampers to make them smile and realize their importance in office work.
  • Organize a creativity contest by putting such items in a bag like sponge, straw, plastic rings, matchsticks, glittering paper, dry leaves, stones or whatever comes in your mind. Let the employees use their mind creatively in a team to end up making a final product out of the items. Its good if the end product is related to Diwali. Then each member of the group can narrate a story behind the final product which they have prepared.
  • For making the atmosphere more festive and home-like, especially for those who live away from their families, bring in their family members at work place for a day. This will make their day memorable for lifetime.
  • ‘Guess who’- this activity can be done in which employees’ childhood pictures can be displayed on the projector and others have to guess their coworker’s face. Hints can be given along with the photos to make the game more interesting for all the workers.

The above and many other such simple things and be enough to involve them in different activities that can make their Diwali celebration at office more like a celebration with family! Happiness is contagious, so try to make this Diwali a happy Diwali for your employees.


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