18 Diwali Gift Ideas for Clients

Diwali has risen in significance as a premier festival in India, right from corporate to individuals, people gift something memorable to everyone, be it friends, relatives or clients, employees, associates and even potential clients. This festival of Diwali inspires the spirit of prosperity and love among everyone. In corporate world, this festival helps in reviving old business relationships and kick start a new one. Corporate gifts are a gesture of extending business relationship with customers beyond business domain. It shows continuous support and trust with the company. Individuals also use this occasion to strengthen his or her relationship with clients. These corporate gifts given to clients on Diwali range from a pen, mobile, clock, pen stand, diaries, stationery, vases, calendars and bowls to even certain expensive gifts like paintings, gold and silver coins or idols of deity, fine crockery etc. Any gift with a festive touch may make excellent gift for clients too.

Diwali Gifts for Clients

Presenting Gifts to Clients on Diwali

Private companies order gifts in bulk quantity so they generally prefer price range which is affordable. Budget also depends on the profile of the company and number of gifts to be distributed. Presentation of gifts are also very important in corporate offices, the boxes are tastefully wrapped in different color paper. It creates right impact and helps make these Diwali gift memorable.

In today’s modern market, to create good brand name for products or the company, everyone tries to impress customers and employees with uniqueness of their gifts. They often customize the gifts with their company’s logo and name to enhance brand appeal and its recall value. Such customized Diwali gift items help in improving customer relations, encourages sales and create overall brand impact of the company in the competitive corporate world. Some of the popular Diwali gift ideas for clients are given here for your assistance.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Clients

Perfect gift items for clients on Diwali can be same as the Diwali gifts for employees or they can be separately ordered just for clients.

1. Travel Charger as Diwali Gifts for Clients

For professional work, people have to travel a lot so this Diwali you can even gift your clients a travel mobile charger so that your clients remain comfortable and connected with you all the time. It will make their travel more convenient. It is easily available in market and online websites in affordable prices. Also, these travel chargers or data banks are fast becoming a rage among professionals. They would love to get these as Diwali gifts from you.

2. Visiting Card Holders as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Card holder is also a good option for gifting to employees and clients. They are present in great varieties like leather, cloth, plastic and iron card holders. They also get customized with name, company logo and design. You can even get visiting card holder with printed imprints and in many other forms. Such a card holder in the pockets of your clients will never let them forget your company and your business will then only flourish!

3. Pen Drives as Diwali Gifts for Clients

It is great gift to share with your clients with audio or video message stored in it. USB drives are useful gift for everyone as all of us need to save our digital documents on the go! It can be memorable gift for lifetime. You can get customized pen drive as well, with company logo and name. You can even personally customize it with a particular name that you want to gift.

4. Planner Dairy as Diwali Gifts for Clients

You can gift a planner dairy to your clients, it looks classy. Planner dairies are used by every employee of corporate world. However old a gift idea it may be, it never goes obsolete. Everyone needs a fresh planner diary every year. These dairies are also present in different varieties and range. In leather finish or poly -finish you can get them in huge ranges. You can even customize these planner dairy with your company name and logo.

5. Mobile Holders as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Mobile holders are one of the table set items which is getting popular day by day. It can be a good corporate item to gift to your clients and employees because Mobile phone has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life these days. Many varieties of mobile holders are present in market and if you want, get a customized mobile holder made with a unique design representing your company only.

6. Designer Lunch Boxes as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Lunch boxes can also be a great gift to share with employees and clients. Lunch is part of everyone in their professional lives. To make their meal more special, you can gift them designer lunch boxes. You can get them customized or buy from gift store. Different colours and material make them more convenient and gorgeous to look.

7. Clocks as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Time never stands still and therefore, what better than attractively designed clocks that reminds the receiver of your sentiments every time they look at it. You can find clocks available in unique designs like motifs, terracotta figures, slogans and messages etc. You may go for one of many types of clocks such as wall clocks, wooden ones, designer clock, clocks with rustic look or with photo frames and with paintings too.

To increase your brand value, select corporate gift clocks with logo printed on it. Customized designs can also be made on them or certain motivational quotes can be written. And when you select abstract clocks with contemporary objects and motifs, you are actually going with one of the unique Diwali gift ideas!

8. Photo Frames as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Creatively designed and imaginatively crafted photo frames can be gifted to your clients that are made in different shapes, sizes and forms. Photo frames help in keeping old memories alive. You may make it a personalized gift by framing some memorable photograph of yours with your client! These photo frames can be found in uch forms as ethnic, contemporary, table mounted, designer frames to photo frames with clock and key chains etc. It is an ideal gift to share with your employees too with motivational and success messages to encourage them. Customized frames are also an excellent gifts to keep good memories alive forever.

9. Table Lamps as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Table lamps add positive energy in life, because light win over darkness. And what else could be the perfect occasion than Diwali, the festival of lights to present lamps to to your clients as gifts! It creates a cheerful environment, brightens up the room and creates beautiful ambiance for working too. Different types of lamps are present in market to gift like wood, cane, bamboo, terracotta, fiber, ceramic and frosted glass. These days, handmade paper lamps are also in demand because they are eco- friendly too. Statues, murals and crafted lamps are also very high on demand in gifting. Lamp shades are also available in materials like cane, handmade paper, cloth and jute etc. Table lamps for corporate offices can also be customized with logo and company’s name.

10. Pen Stands as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Pen stand can be a very decent gifts for clients. It is also present in great varieties. Designer pen stands are available in market in brass, wooden, aluminum, and painted versions. Pen stand is total professional gift to be presented to your clients and employees. Pen stands are also available with small clock and small letter pad. You can even get customized pen stand according to your requirement.

11. Coasters as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Coasters, used for keeping glasses, cups and bottle, can be good corporate gifts for table set. Company logo and name with a good design on coasters will ensure that your company remains in front of your client every time he takes a business decision in his office! These coasters are also found in great varieties like glass, crystal, wooden, brass and iron coasters. Very artistic and traditional coasters look very good to gift professionally.

12. Calculators as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Calculation is part of everybody’s life, more so for a businessmen or even a professional who is your client. It can be a good gift professionally because it is used by everyone in offices. It is found in two types scientific and normal and in different colours and material. Choose the one you think is useful for your clients.

13. Memo Pads as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Reminders and notifications are very necessary in professional life. So memo pad can be a good gift for office goers. Memo pads are available in different and vibrant colours with stick- on too. This is a good gift for employees as well. Memo pads make every working professional organized and more efficient!

14. Promotional Badges as Diwali Gifts for Clients

It is a good gift if you want to promote your company and its services. These badges can be perfect for everyone related to your professional life. It brings uniformity in office and promotion for outside clients. Promotional badges looks attractive and colourful with vibrant designs.

15. Luxury Pens as Diwali Gifts for Clients

This is all time favorite gift for not only corporate world but for everyone! Luxury pens are custom and traditional gifts for clients and employees that is never looked down upon. They are found in great variety and range. You can buy luxury pens according to whom you want to gift. Nowadays luxury pens are also getting customised with names and logo. You can even gift personalized luxury pens engraved with names of your clients!

16. Wrist Watches as Diwali Gifts for Clients

You can even gift wrist watches to promote your company and gift your clients and employees. It can found in many material strap, chain and leather. If you buy them in huge quantity, this can even be an economical gifting option for your company. Wrist watches are one of the most desirable fashion accessories admired by both, men and women. Just select good designs and quality and your client will be happy forever!

17. Coffee Mugs as Diwali Gifts for Clients

Coffee and work make a great combination. To make coffee more interesting, you can gift designer coffee mugs to your clients. Coffee mugs can be customized in different colours and patterns. Coffee mugs are now found in different material like crystal, ceramic, plastic and iron. Coffee mugs can also be gifted with inspirational and motivational quotes to encourage your team workers.

18. Wallet as Diwali Gifts for Clients

You can gift a wallet this Diwali as a gift of bond to your clients. Wallets are available in different range and material in the market according to your budget. Wallet is a gift which will make the receiver remember you as they use it every time.

Gifting is an old tradition on Diwali. In corporate world, it makes the client remind about the quality, magnanimity and services of the company. It gives an extra advantage in competitive market and help to increase the worth and value of the company. Expenditure on these gifts is sure to return back with rewarding results in the form of future generated business.

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