Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Happy employees make a successful organization! Salary, perks, other benefits, job conditions etc. are some of the factors that does affect the happiness of employees but that we leave to study for HR departments! We here talk about gifts. Sometimes expected and sometimes unexpected gifts, may make your employees happy too! Diwali gifts are more than expected in India and if you, as an employer, pay a little attention towards selecting the right Diwali gifts for employees, you may make their Diwali even brighter!  And you may well expect them to contribute towards organizational goals in the coming year with more enthusiasm too. After all, a well thought Diwali gift for employees is actually a token of appreciation for them!

Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Customized Corporate Gifts for Employees on Diwali

In India, there are two kinds of people – one who go for corporate gifts for Diwali and the other, who only believe in giving out dry fruit platters every year. As it is one of the most popular ideas for Diwali gifts, there are many types of dry fruits platters available having all types of dry fruits inside them like Cashews, Raisins, Figs, Almonds, Dates and Pistas. What do you want to do? That’s upon you only. If you go for corporate gifts, you may get them customized too. This serves many purposes.

Customized corporate gifts can be made for employees to make a long lasting impression on them as well as others. These customized gifts are a promising opportunity for connecting with the target audiences. When and wherever your employees carry these gifts, people would be able to see your company’s name, logo etc.

Gifts With Company Logo: A marketing technique

Some companies relish the idea of gifting stationary items with a logo of the company on it. These customized corporate gifts are not only given to the employees but also make great Diwali gifts for clients as well. This turns to be an asset to the company as it helps making people familiar with the name of the company. Such stationary items include books, diary, calendars, coasters and bookmarks that are useful as well as decent enough for every company. Expensive paintings or crockery sets are a very special choice if taken into consideration. These gifts are useful for the whole family and so the employers become a personal favorite of the whole family. And a happy family does help make happy employees. Other than stationary, here are some other ideas for customized Diwali gifts for employees.

  • Alarm clocks – A very neat option for any person as it has high utility value in the daily life.
  • Leather portfolio bags – For the people who drag their old briefcases to the office each day.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

  • Diwali Hampers – Assorted cookies, chocolates and much more stuff is packed together to make up Diwali Hampers.
  • Silver and Gold Coins- Being an auspicious occasion, employees can be gifted customized silver/gold coins with a message engraved on them.
  • Glowing Lanterns – that will makes the house of your employees pretty and can used as a showpiece after Diwali.

Customizing a gift is not the only option. If you just want to give Diwali gifts to your employees out of sheer joy of giving, you may consider Personalized gifts too.

Personalized Gifts for Employees

Anything personal touches a person from within. Your employees, after all are human beings and they will be more than happy to get personalized gifts from you. Here are some personalized gifts that can be sent out to the employees:

  • Personalized wrist watches – For everyone in the whole organization and the name of the employee can be engraved underneath.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

  • Gift Vouchers – Come Diwali and a whole new system of gift vouchers starts with a specific price and goes up to a huge range. Vouchers having names of each employee will sure make them happy!
  • Dinner Sets– Available in all ranges, the personalized dinner set too is an exclusive option.
  • Tablets: These days personalized tablets for the executives are making great waves. Hence, it would make for a wonderful gift option for employees on Diwali too.
  • Personalized Pens: Custom made pens with their names engraved on them, are suitable for gifting to employees as they can be used by them in their daily life.

Choosing Budget Diwali Gifts for Employees

Making employees happy on Diwali is not the sole purpose of any company. It has to look after its expenditure too so that the budget doesn’t go out of control. However, with so many gift options present, economical gifts selected with caution, may also make your employees happy.

The budget gift idea should be carried out in a way that it does not bring any loss to the company and at the same time should not look cheap to people who receive such gifts otherwise the employer may fall in the eyes of the people who work under him. Such gifts purchased should come in attractive packets giving out positive vibes. Diyas, decorative diyas, can be given out as popular Diwali gifts. Hampers containing expensive statues of gods and goddesses also make good Diwali gifts. If you do not wish to spend more, the statues made of sandalwood can be a perfect choice as it is cheaper than gold and silver or any other metal. The gifts are just a way of expressing gratitude that can always differ from person to person. Here are some pointers to help you select budget gift suitable to each employee.

How to purchase an apt gift for each employee of the organization?

Firstly, we should divide people into categories so that each one gets his own gift both useful and under the said budget of the employer. Following are some categories under which it will be easier to segregate everyone.

Corporate Gifts for women

After a specific limit for the budget is set, dinnerware and showpieces may be included in the list. Bags, table clocks and other items of daily usage can be given with or without the logo of the organization engraved on them. This will make them feel special.

Employee appreciation gift

Appreciation is being awarded to everybody but a little extra effort should be made for people who are more dedicated than the others. Not only these people deserve a little bit more, they also should be paid extra attention. Movie tickets, paid leaves and other beneficial coupons can make them remain dedicated towards their goal for the rest of the year making it a success for the organization.

Corporate gifts for men

Gifts for men can be easily chosen from a wide range that is available at every nook and corner. After shave lotions, shirts, ties, cuffs and other formal stuff can be purchased, gift wrapped and given to them this festive season.

Promotional Gifts for employees

The employees that are getting promoted or have just got the promotion in the current year can be given a memento with a raise in their paycheck.

Get-together for Employees’ Entire Family

Another way of celebrating Diwali in a more intimate manner is to plan a get together. This get-together will help in bringing people close as well as having an opportunity for employees to spend time with their family. An appreciation to each and every employee in the organization will help boost their morale at the get together. Many Diwali activities for office employees or even other activities that are apt for families can be conducted. Individual or group performances of the gathered crowd can be organized along with a competition and certificates may be distributed to the winners. The night can be called off by giving out gifts while everyone leaves. Following are some categories for the gifts that can be given

Hamper for kids

Every kid likes candy. It makes the early years of their life quite wonderful. This hamper could contain many types of eatables meant for kids including soft drinks and packed snacks besides a little box of sweets for the elders. Along with this, kids would love to receive a toy, which is an all-time favorite for every child.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Hamper for couples

This hamper will ensure that both the man and women feels special and make use of the gifts that are provided to them. It can include wrist watch sets, perfumes for gents as well as ladies, coffee maker, toaster, dinnerware and other personalized gift items.

Hamper for the single men

A single male always has inkling to dress. The formal suit items can be given to them. Also stuff like perfume and deodorants have never done any harm to anyone. In fact, men love to collect them. They can always be bought under budget and are quite useful.

Hamper for the single ladies

A single lady is, in essence, not different from any other lady. Her likings are almost similar to all others. Be it a showpiece, a painting or something related to kitchen, they are always adored. The lady is going to get pleased and that’s for sure.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Puja Hamper for all

The items for puja are always considered auspicious when coming from anyone let alone the organization, the people work in. God and Goddess statues, diyas, floating candles all wrapped up into a hamper for would make Diwali puja special for your employees and their families.

Special Idea for Diwali Gift to be Selected by Employees themselves!

This Diwali season, the festival of lights should become more enthusiastic and wonderful, more colorful as well as exotic for your employees with this special, rather one of the unique gift ideas for Diwali. The festive season arrives only once in a year and making it an amazing experience is always in the hands of the person on the top of the hierarchy as he is the one taking all major decisions. Being the boss, it’s always their duty to take all the major decisions and put them to effect. One thing that can be done each year is putting out a jar in the middle of the office for everyone, say before a couple of months before Diwali arrives. The jar needs to be filled with ideas for Diwali gifts and bonus for everybody. Each employee can give such ideas. Once this jar gets filled, all of the ideas can be read by the top managers, consulted with the related departments and authorities who can then take them to effect.

Making small changes can just bring a smile to the faces of the people working in the organization, making it the best Diwali gifts for your employees!

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