Top 12 Popular Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali, celebrated throughout the whole world by Indians, is the festival of lights. It is a festival that brings along with it the tradition of worshipping deities like Goddess Lakshmi. Diwali is also seen as a festival where believed tradition is that it is the time to clean and whitewash our homes and decorating it with bright, sparkling and colourful lights. Bursting of crackers, exchange of gifts, huge bags of shopping and a true sense of togetherness, Diwali is the perfect time to revitalise your emotional and personal relations along with the social bonding.

Importance of Diwali Gifts

Considered widely as the festival of gifts, exchanging gifts is a lovely and a significant tradition of Diwali.During Diwali, it is supposed to be an ancient custom that helps in highlighting the strong feeling of love and brotherhood in the society. Undoubtedly, this tradition of exchanging of gifts helps people to make inter-personal, social and business ties stronger. Giving Gifts on Diwali is an excellent way to strengthen relationships with your near and dear ones. A nice gift on this occasion reflects the warm feelings of the one giving the gift and also the spirit of the festival. One of the most celebrated occasions in India, Diwali is associated with fortune and success, and that is what makes itone of the biggest gift giving and shopping festival in India.

Changing Patterns of Diwali Gifts

The popular tradition of exchanging gifts on Diwali is an age-old custom tied in with the festival and has probably started with the festival of Diwali itself. In early years, the ordinary people of rural settings of India whose occupation mostly consisted of agriculture and cattle, used to exchange homemade sweets, farm produce or hand-made decorative items among them on occasion of Diwali. Such presents were considered as a symbol of love and the warmth and good wishes associated with the gifts was of prime importance more than the gifts. With passing time, however, the tradition got more and more complicated and gift-giving is not as simple as it used to be earlier.
In today’s world and almost in all societies, a lot of importance is given to the quality of the gift that one is presented with not only on the occasion of Diwali, but also on other occasions. However, this beautiful tradition is not completely a materialistic one and for a big section of Indian people, gift-giving still reflects as a way of carrying respect, love, appreciation and thankfulness and a sense of belonging. Here is a list of various popular and traditional Diwali gift ideas and which you can choose from. These Diwali gif ideas never get outdated. There are wide ranging options from Lakshmi and Ganesh statues to puja thalis and candle holders, from saris to shirts, from toys to books.

Popular Diwali Gift Ideas

Popular Ideas for Diwali Gifts

These popular gifts are expected by people on Diwali. If, however, you want to make them unique Diwali gifts, just add a special touch to them or buy them in innovative designs of gift packages. For example, you can buy Laksmi Ganesh statues having a modern touch of art or a dry fruits gift pack in an innovative box like a computer shaped box!

1. Lakshmi Statues

A gift in the form of a Lakshmi Statues during Diwali is considered a very auspicious gift. Hindus, all over the world worship Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, success and beauty. Therefore, a gift in the form of a statue of Lakshmi during Diwali is considered auspicious. There are various Lakshmi statues and statues cast in brass and other materials like clay to choose from, which can not only be a great addition to a Puja/prayer room, but can also beautifully, decorate any drawing room.

2. Ganesh Statues

Shri Ganesh, worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali, is the lord of success and remover of obstacles. A gift of a Ganesh statue is always considered lucky and auspicious, and mainly so before the occasion of Diwali. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to the size, material and colour of the statues.

3. Diwali Books for Kids

If you are looking for an ideal Diwali gift for children then some colourful books for kids on Diwali – the greatest festival of the Hindus can be considered. It is said that none gift is bigger than the gift of knowledge and a gift of books, with its beautiful pictorial representations and illustrations, do a great job in collectively putting the beautiful Indian culture into perspective, especially for children growing up in non-Indian, foreign lands.

4. Diwali Candles

The beautiful and lively tradition of lighting oil lamps or ‘diyas’ and candles is central to the celebration of Diwali, irrespective of which place you are at. A beautiful gift in the form of Diwali candles are the most appropriate for the ‘Festival of Lights.’ These are available in assorted colours that will add beauty to your decor. A gift in the form of nicely decorated and coloured candles is a great option too. Nowadays, candles of numerous shapes, sizes, colours and fragrance are available in the commercial arenas. These beautifully made Diwali candles and candleholders are not very expensive for you and yet make lovely presents for your friends and family members.

5. Lakshmi Business Card Wallet

A unique symbolic idea of a gift can be a unique business card wallet having the print of Goddess Lakshmi on the card wallet. Goddess Lakshmi is respected and worshipped all over the world by Hindus. A photo of the Goddess of wealth, abundance and prosperity encourage you every day in your hard-work for wealth creation. These are made from a durable paper-plastic laminate combination and sewn with cotton thread. A card case with Goddess Lakshmi at the helm is a practical present for Diwali.

6. Dry Fruits

Diwali dry-fruits in the likes of sweets, dry fruits and chocolates too are a popular gift item for Diwali. A tempting and enticing delight, dry fruits are thoroughly enjoyed during the winter season too that follows the festival soon after. Considered widely as an important gift, the dry fruit boxes which contain a mix of several tasty varieties of almonds, cashews, chestnuts and nuts are easily available these days in most gift shops and make up for a nice Diwali Gifts. The best thing about the dry fruit gift boxes is that one can store these for long periods of time and don’t have to bother about preserving them.

7. Diwali Apparels

It is a perfect feeling and an excellent feeling when you receive new apparels as gifts on Diwali. As is the tradition in most festivals, all the people just love to show and celebrate their happiness by dressing themselves in new clothes and they don’t think twice when they have to give their loved ones the same feeling. Pertaining to the tastes and preferences of the receiver of your gift, you can present them with traditional Indian outfits like sari and kurta or even the latest designer clothes from popular brands.

8. Diyas for Diwali

Being the festival of lights, beautifully painted Diyas (earthen lamps) of spectacular designs are imperative for the occasion of Diwali. They also reflect as a strong symbol of fortune and are believed to guide in prosperity to individual homes. So this Diwali, present your loved ones with a set of beautifully lighted diyas on Diwali. They will love it undoubtedly.

9. Silver Gift Items for Diwali

Another traditional gift idea for the occasion of Diwali is the gifting of silver items. Silver items are available in a wide range and spectacular designs. Silver items are a great item for Diwali and a favourite for aged people who believe in the importance of silver items religiously. The festival of Diwali being a religious occasion, religious gift objects made of silver like silver coins with the images of idols as Lakshmi and Ganesh, puja thalis, small silver objects attracting attention and crockery items like silver tea sets and utensils are quite popular as Diwali Gifts. They also reflect the wishes and prayers you have for the health and fortune of the recipient and their family.

10. Chocolates

Chocolates make an excellent Diwali gifts because they are sugary, delicious and packed with mouth-watering fragrance. Kids, young people and elders everyone is fascinated with chocolates. Basically chocolate recipes have very less percentage of sugar than any other rich sweets, for diabetic people sugar free chocolates are also available which is a best treat for them. Diwali chocolate boxes are best to share with family and friends in wide range and customized beautiful packages, which depicts the beautiful Indian tradition and Culture. Diwali chocolate packages are gaining more and more popularity day by day.

11. Diwali Gold Coins

As an auspicious symbol gold coins are also a great gift to present our dear ones. These coins are carved with glittering images of Lakshmi and Ganesh embossed in gold plating with a decorative border. People place these coin while worshipping in the evening for prosperity in their family, in order to welcome Goddess Lakshmi to seek divine blessing. Gold coins are symbol of love and prosperity in Diwali.

12. Decorative Torans

Torans add a charming look to doorways and entrance of everyone’s house at the time of Diwali specially to welcome your guests. It’s a great idea to gift torans to near and dear ones while Diwali. There are variety of designs, wall hangings and outstanding patterns present in the market with thrilling demand. Among various types some popular ones are Floral, embroidered, mirror work, and mango leaves.
With such goodies, the lovely festival of Diwali becomes much more fascinating!

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