Amazing Diwali Lighting Ideas

Diwali is rightfully called the festival of lights! This is the time when the night lights come up as bright as the day and are all filled with the warmth of joy and happiness. A large part of this joy and happiness is created by the atmosphere that surrounds you during Diwali. But how do you create the right atmosphere around you? Especially how do you maintain that atmosphere at your home? How does one express joy and happiness on the festival of lights? Of course through special and some unique Diwali lighting ideas!

Diwali Lighting Ideas

Amazing Lighting Ideas for Diwali

We have compiled a list of ways to make your Diwali extra special with ideas to light up your Diwali and your home. You would be awestruck with the plethora of innovative Diwal lighting ideas that we are going to tell you about and we bet you did be desirous of trying more than just one of them this Diwali. What more, most of these ideas can easily be executed with the stuff around your home or those which require raw material that’s easily available at your local market. These lighting ideas for Diwali are a sure shot way to also be lighter on the pocket than those costly commercial readymade lights in the market.

Be Innovative with Ever Classic Diyas for Diwali Lighting!

What’s Diwali without Diyas! The name Deepawali itself has the ‘deep’ in it. So how does one express themselves with Diyas? Simple, craft beautiful Diyas and make floating arrangements of them in a small dish.

Diwali Lighting Ideas

Floating Diya Arrangement to Light up your Home!

What do we mean by floating arrangement? Well, while people buy standard diyas from the market during this time, why don’t you make some of your own or get some diyas made as per your imagination? Yes, customized diyas! Flower shaped diyas have been the rage for quite a while now so why not get something crafted along that line or be totally out of box and think of some unique shape or object that can be transformed into a breath-taking diya for Diwali!
How does this idea really look like? Imagine your darkened drawing or dining room with a table in the middle. The room is lit by a floating arrangement of diyas which would light up the whole room with their warm glow and due to their floating arrangement (a dish filled with enough water and having enough space to allow the diyas to float) they would look like little floating boats and fall softly on the eyes. Guests and family members alike would be hard pressed not to turn on the lights as this arrangement is surely going to look classy and pleasant.

The Bedroom Diya Lighting Arrangement on Diwali

Usually bedrooms have a bed in the center instead of a table, but most bedrooms certainly have a dresser. So why not decorate this usually lonesome looking piece of furniture and make the room a romantic escapade of its own? Take a few diyas, large as well as small, and arrange them as you find fit. We recommend that you arrange the larger diyas (Not many in number) on the top of the dresser while make a line of the smaller ones near the dresser but on the lower level.

Diwali Lighting Ideas

The effect would be instantaneous as it would not only light up the room but also pleasantly change its usual appearance. Just make sure there’s enough space to walk around and no one has to pick anything from some drawer in the dresser as the diyas are best kept undisturbed. In fact, for bedroom, get LED candles or some candles that are covered to be safe. Not only will it look elegant but also change the way one lights up their home and its inside. You can’t of course hook up lights inside your bedroom and this alternative would thus change the game definitely. You can try a variation of designs according to your dresser type. We recommend use of multiple size diyas. They are easily available on Diwali.

The Balcony Diya Lighting Arrangement on Diwali

Rangoli is the other evergreen cousin to the diyas, both after all, go hand in hand together at all Diwalis. Usually you would find the Rangoli colouring the front entrance of homes so why not have one at the balcony too? Most balconies or open spaces and have pots and plants as well. Howvever, they get ignored when it comes to lighting up on Diwali, most often. People usually decorate and light up stair cases with diyas but they look pretty forlorn, flickering alone. So let’s change all that just by lighting up and decorating balconies too, shall we?

Diwali Lighting Ideas

Firstly light up your balcony with a soft looking yellowish light. Then decorate the floor with a colourful Rangoli and incorporate the Diyas in its designs. Surround the nearby area with your plants and voila you have your own lighting arrangement with an amazing Diwali decoration! Usually either the Rangoli or the Diyas are kept separate from everything else or when arranged together, they look very constricted, so make sure that there is space to ‘breathe’ for them. Keep enough space to comfortably walk between the plants and the rangoli design. Now stand back and marvel at your hard work because we are sure that you can click plenty of photos of it, moreover remember our light yellow light on top?

Diwali Lighting Ideas

Now that you have that on along with the rangoli and the diyas you won’t have to use the eye jarring flash in your smart phones to capture a photo and would also walk comfortably around the arrangement!

Diwali Lighting Ideas

The Hallway Lighting Arrangement on Diwali

What is Diwali without spreading the joys and festivities to every corner of your house? Usually the hallway is the most discarded space during the festival as no one really has any idea about how to make it a Diwali friendly space without limiting the walking space with rangolis that would get eventually get crushed under feet of guests or your own. So why not make an arrangement of Diwali lights and decoration keeping all those problems in mind?

Diwali Lighting Ideas
Rangolis can easily be arranged along the sides of the hallway instead of the centre, but how do you light up the place? For this we recommend, you put up mini hanging or wall mounted pedestals along the hallway at a considerable height. Along with this use some yellow lights covered with butter paper to create a row of lights then stick this arrangement to center of the roof in the hallway. Now mount the pedestal’s with diyas or LED lights (so that you don’t have to climb and reignite any diya). The effect would be that there would be a golden glow around the pedestal but the real marvel would be the row of yellow lights filtered with the butter paper casting a golden-ish glow along the whole hallway. Your visitors are sure to be awed with this innovative display and are sure to ask about how you did it!

Diwali Lighting Ideas Without Diyas

If you find diyas to be repetitive and are looking for alternative sources of brightening up your Diwali, then look no further than the following ideas. They have their own benefits over Diyas of course but would require a little more effort to make or procure.

Diwali Lighting Ideas

Diwali Lighting with Bamboo Candles

These candles have been in fashion for quite some time and are easy to make. Simply arrange a few bamboo sticks surrounded with coloured crepe paper into a beautiful looking housing. Insert a candle in between this arrangement and voila you have your own bamboo candle. The advantage here is that since the candle is surrounded very well you don’t have to worry about them getting blown off by the wind outside, unlike diyas.

Diwali Lighting Ideas

Bottled Lights for Diwali Lighting

Yep, you read that right and no, it is not a magic trick. Bottled lights are a nifty little arrangement that can easily be made at home and look really beautiful to the eyes. What you need would be several coloured bottles along with a device called twinkling lights. Twinkling lights are basically battery powered LED lights which can be turned on and placed inside the bottles, giving the outside viewer a glowing colourful spectacle inside the bottle.

Diwali Lighting Ideas

LED Candles for Diwali Lighting

These types of candles are similar looking to the Bamboo candles but can easily be arranged in a variety of sizes as LED’s require less space as compared to a candle. Simply surround the LED’s with a bamboo candle like arrangement and arrange them in a row to wow anybody and everybody. The glows from the small ones especially are major attractions at many parties and this Diwali it would blow anybody over with their ‘cuteness’. The best part is that they can easily be made at home using a row of LED lights which can then be modified to look like miniature bamboo candles. Or just buy the unique looking LED candles this Diwali!

This concludes our list of ideas about how to light up your home this Diwali. The best emotions are expressed with a touch of personal effort and decorating for Diwali also requires this. Along with good music, food and gifts the innovative lighting arrangements you plan to have are sure to please everyone and most importantly yourself. Please ensure that you keep basic safety and first aid ready because fire might look beautiful but one cannot stress enough about the hazards that it brings with itself. We personally prefer the LED alternatives a lot more and would highly recommend their use as they consume a lot less energy making Diwali eco-friendly and safer as well. We hope you liked our ideas though and with that on a happy note we wish you a Happy Diwali!

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