Make Unique 3D Rakhi Greeting Card and Ecard

Traditional Rakhi greeting cards are no more exciting. You need something more unique and attractive to tell your brother how much you care for him and can spend a lot of time and effort for making unique Raksha Bandhan Card for him! What’s more unique than a 3d greeting card! Yes, in this age of all 3d movies and TV and what not, you can actually surprise your brother with a handmade 3d Rakhi card on Raksha Bandhan! While it seems as if making 3d greeting card at home would be a tedious job but believe me its not at all difficult or messy and takes only as much time as you would have spent in making any other greeting card for your brother. So, let’s learn how to make a 3d Rakhi greeting card through a video and elaborate steps for making this card.

How to Make 3D Rakhi Greeting Card?

Handmade 3D Pop-up Greeting CardIts easy and would require only the regular craft materials for making your handmade greeting card with 3D effect. This is also a pop up card where a 3d flower bouquet would pop up as soon as your brother opens the greeting card.

You will need:

Printer papers

Sketch Pen (red and any other colour of your choice)



Steps for Making 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

See the below video and read the instructions below it to make your own handmade 3D greeting card for Rakhi!

Take a printer paper, cut it into half and fold it as shown in the video.

After folding as instructed, cut the petal shape with scissors again as shown in the video.

When you will open the folds, you get a beautiful paper flower with many petals.

Cut off one of the petals of the paper flower you just made.

Take the red sketch pen and draw rough lines from the center of the flower upwards in each petal to give it some color and feel of a true flower. See the video.

Now, take some glue and put it on the petal close to the gap where you have earlier cut a petal. Join the petal with the other petal on the other side of the gap. This will give you a flower which bends inside for the 3D effect you want in your Rakhi Card.

Make 7 such flowers by repeating the above steps.

Now place some glue on the petals of 6 flowers and put them on each other as shown in the video.

Take another printer paper and fold it from mid-line to give it a shape of card.

Put some glue on the upper and the lower flowers.

Place the flower inside the folded paper and press to stick it with the paper on both sides.

Now when you open the card, you see the vibrant flowers popping up from inside your handmade greeting card giving a perfect 3d effect to it.

You can write your Rakhi message on the outer side of the card with a colored sketch pen and even customize the card as per your imagination and creativity!

Your handmade 3D Rakhi greeting card is ready to be sent to your brother!

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Make Raksha Bandhan Ecard

If you also want to send Rakhi e-card made by yourself to your brother, you can do so by making an ecard with the help of Adobe Photoshop. The video below teaches you how to make this Rakhi e-card for your brother.

Enjoy making unique Handmade greeting card with 3D pop up effect as well as the Rakhi ecard to make your brother feel special on the day of Rakshabandhan! You might also like to learn How to Make Rakhi at Home.

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