How to Make Diwali Greeting Cards

In today’s times the festival of lights, more popularly known as Diwali, isn’t just about lighting the sky with crackers and decorate your homes with diyas and bulbs. It is also about bringing warmth to the homes of your loved ones and by that we certainly don’t mean raising the room temperature by a few notches but actually bringing warmth in the form of love. And we all know that the best form of expressing love is by giving someone a gift made with your own personal efforts.

Diwali, as a festival gives us many things in options to be presented as Diwali gifts. Popular Diwali gift ideas may range from many types of crackers, sweets, eatables, clothes to even expensive electronic items. But when you plan to show your love and care for someone, nothing speaks more than a personalized greeting card. By personalized is not mean those standard template based cards available in your local market in which you have space for writing name and a message rather we are talking about homemade Diwali greeting cards which would definitely be lighter on the pocket, would be designed with true care and would definitely hold a special place in the home and hearts of the recipients for a long time.

Make Handmade Diwali Greeting Cards

If you have never made a greeting card at home, this article will tell you how to make Diwali greeting cards for your loved ones. For your convenience, a number of video tutorials are here to depict the card making process so that you can choose whichever method suits you best. We have tried to cover a variety of cards so that you can even gift different versions to different people. Let’s begin with the first one an dlearn how to make Diwali greeting card at home.

Homemade Diwali Card for School Projects

Difficulty Level: Basic
Schools these days usually give assignments to make Diwali cards and nobody is as resourceful as a child. This method uses basic material which can be easily procured from a stationery shop and also from a tailor such as tinted paper, glue, design material, scissors etc. The method requires slight craft of the hands as some designs like the diyas and the wavy design would require a slow and artistic approach. Overall this might be the quickest and most basic Diwali card making process. Here is a detailed video depicting each step clearly for making this basic Diwali greeting card. Kids or adults both can easily follow through the process and make beautiful looking cards.

Such a card would be awesome for distributing amongst casual acquaintances and this method would especially suit you when you haven’t got much time. The nifty design would ensure that you make many such cards with different colour combinations easily. The Best possible scenario is that you can even ask your child to make this card as the process isn’t complicated at all but we advice that you monitor the use of glue and scissors. Financially also this method would be highly economical on your pocket.

Make Pop up Diwali Greeting Card

Difficulty Level: Medium

Who doesn’t like a unique looking Diwali greeting card? Especially the type of card that pops up at you! Yes, and you would be surprised to know that it isn’t too difficult to make. In this method you would require some different coloured papers and an extremely crafty hand. Small diyas and large designs would be part of the process and we can’t emphasize the need of slow and steady work enough. Nonetheless the process isn’t that difficult for an adult to follow through and with some practice it won’t take much time to churn out a few cards for the special ones.

The video here teaches you to make two pop up greeting cards- the first one is a Christmas greeting card and the second one is a Diwali greeting card. However, both the patterns are different. As such you learn two different ways to make a pop up greeting card. You can always paste Diwali specific pictures and decorative items on any pattern shown here. For example, when you take the pattern shown here for Christmas card, make a big candle or that of Goddess Lakshmi instead of Santa Clause and inside the card, paste pictures of diyas, rangolis, fire crackers etc. That represent Diwali.

Pop up cards have a unique space in the hearts of the recipient as they make good decorations around the home too so your hard work would be flaunted a lot indeed. The process as mentioned requires making a multi level structure and thus a slow and steady approach would make a better strategy in the first few tries. Keep a lot of spare material just in case you feel like experimenting with more colours. Kids can also use this method for school projects. We recommend this design for those who have a little more time in their hands. Financially this method is very light on the pocket but the more additional design material you plan to use would definitely increase the cost.

Paper Quilling based Diwali Card Designs

Difficulty Level: Medium

Paper designs aren’t just limited to pop ups and plain designs but can also be made to look 3D-esque! This design requires similar material for making beautiful cards and with a little practice you can make many cards at one go. Colour variations can easily be accommodated too. In this design you would be making a few paper quilling that would depict the sparkles from a flower pot or from a cracker which would then make your card even more attractive and just the right greeting card for Diwali!

Kids would especially love such cards as they can be made in many colourful options with use of coloured quilling. Such a design is the perfect mode to display your affection and care for your family and friends.

Along with beautiful designs the second tutorial would give you more ideas about what you can incorporate in your cards. We recommend that you give a lot of time to practice and think over the designs you wish to have in your cards as there truly can be many options.

The best part is that since you can play with a lot of colours the designs would give you many combinations. 3D card designs are here to stay but haven’t still hit the mass market and we ensure you that your cards would definitely be remembered and cherished for a long time.

Make Digital Diwali Greeting Cards

Difficulty Level: Basic

Technology is the best thing that has happened to us in a long while and it has certainly carved its space in our greetings and communications space. So why not make personalized digital Diwali greetings for your ‘online friends’? Believe us you won’t have to use complicated software or invest too much time for this. And it certainly would boost your digital rating over the social media circle. The tutorials would help you get the gist of how you can create beautiful looking cards online and moreover you can print them too for later use.

The best part about online cards is that you have many images and design templates that you can get inspiration from, moreover unlike physical cards the ‘raw material’ doesn’t have to be bought from the local market after a lot of scourging. You would most certainly get the clips, images and other decorative items you require over the Internet easily. The colours that you wish to use would also be available in MS-Paint and we assure you that you would get more colour options than in their paper counterparts. In addition to that there won’t be a risk of accidentally ruining your hard work with over application of glue, water spill etc. Plus this activity is best enjoyed with kids as they can use their imagination to the fullest to make beautiful personalized greetings. Also, there won’t be any more waiting for the postman to deliver your card letters to the recipients as emails can be sent instantaneously and to a lot more people without worrying about making additional copies.

Personalized Diwali greeting cards can come in many permutations and combinations and these easy to make card making techniques can also be combined to make beautiful designs and new variations. A personalized card, digital or physical would definitely carve a space in everyone’s heart. Please make sure that you monitor the children while using any of the method and ensure adequate safety. The physical methods require use of scissors and material such as glitters which can harm the kids if used in the wrong manner. We advise you to keep all material handy and ready before starting the work as it will help you practice better and ensure that you understand and perfect the process. Please try to prevent any possible accidental damage to your hard work and practice each method carefully before embarking on the final card making pursuit!

So there you have it our nifty little guide to making personalized digital Diwali greeting cards. We have tried to cover as many easy to make Diwali greeting card ideas as there can be for those who wish to make this Diwali a lot more special for their special ones. We hope these ideas would help you make this Diwali more enjoyable and more special for all of you. A pollution and noise free Diwali is the best possible way to celebrate the festival of light as the true spirit of Diwali is actually in spreading joy, love and warmth. Your cards would definitely help in reminding people of that spirit and in an environmentally conscious way may replace the noise of blowing crackers to sounds of happy laughter that you and your family would share with these handmade Diwali greeting cards.

Happy Diwali!

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