How to Make Natural Holi Colors at Home

The cheap holi colors made with various chemicals have many harmful effects and can spoil your Holi festival celebrations. The silica and asbestos based dry holi powder colors have tiny glass pieces that have abrasive effects leading to rashes on skin and various allergies too. The wet holi colors loaded with chemicals too lead to various health problems like eye infection, skin and asthmatic allergies etc. Therefore it is safe to play holi with eco-friendly natural colors. There are many holi color manufacturers who make organic holi colors with the use of natural ingredients. However, as they use expensive raw materials, you might have to buy these natural holi colors by paying lots of money. One of the way to save money and yet use organic holi colors is to make natural holi colors at home with the available ingredients like spices, herbs, leaves, flowers and other nature provided ingredients.


How to Make Natural Holi Colors at Home?

Its very simple to make holi colours at home. You just need to spend some time and you can make pure organic holi colors right at your home. How? This article will teach you to make dry powder color (abir and gulal) as well as wet holi colors of almost all colors- red, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, magenta etc.

Make Natural Red Holi Color at Home

Here we give the method of making dry and wet red holi color naturally at home.

Dry Red Color

  • Buy red sandal wood powder easily available at beauty shops or shops selling ‘Puja Samagri’ (worshipping materials). Use this in place of red gulal. This is not only skin friendly color (used in various beauty products) but also gives away a nice fragrance.
  • Take gurhal flower (red hibiscus flowers) and let them dry out in shade. Grind them to form powder and your lovely red dry holi color is ready. If you want red color in large amount, add some flour to it (wheat flour or maida or refined flour).
  • Take dry Annato seeds called Sinduria in Hindi. Grind them to form red dry holi color. You can also get wet red holi color out of it when soaked overnight in water.

Wet Red Color

  • Boil red sandal wood powder in water, cool it down and use.
  • Boil peels of pomegranate fruit to get natural red holi colour
  • Some of the red flowers like red Hibiscus; Buransh flower (Rhodendron) found in Garhwal, Uttarakhand region; Gulmohar or flower of Indian Coral tree etc. can be soaked in water overnight to get organic and tru eco-friendly red color for holi.

Make Natural Blue Holi Color at Home

Herbal Blue Holi ColorDry Blue Color

  • Take Jacaranda flowers (Jangli Badam) and dry them out in shade. Ground them into powder to get beautiful shade of blue holi color.
  • You can even use blue hibiscus flower for natural blue color. This flower is abundantly found in Kerala region.

Wet Blue Color

  • Take berries of Indigo (Nil) tree, crush them and add them to water to get required shade of herbal holi color- blue. When boiled in water, these berries give rich blue color.

Make Natural Green Holi Color at Home

Dry Green Colour

  • Take raw henna powder (mehndi) and mix it with flour to get green holi color in bulk.
  • For lighter and darker shades of green color, mix henna powder with wheat flour or refined flour as per your required shade.

Wet Green Color

  • For wet green color, soak henna powder in water and form paste like mixture. When playing holi, dilute it with water and use.
  • Take green leafy vegetables like spinach (palak), coriander (dhania), mint leaves (pudina) etc. and grind them with a little water in mixer grinder. You will get a chutney like paste of green color. Dilute it with water when playing holi

Make Natural Yellow Holi Color at Home

Eco-Friendly Yellow Holi ColorDry Yellow Color

  • Take two spoon full of turmeric powder and add this with four spoons of besan (gram flour) to get bright yellow holi color.
  • Dry out the easily available marigold flower petals (gainda phool) and make a powder to get dry herbal holi color.
  • Dry the rind of the Bael fruit (stone apple) and grind it to get yellow powder color for holi.

Wet Yellow Color

  • Take Tesu or Palash flowers (Flame of the Forest flowers) and soak them in water overnight. Boil it in the morning, cool down and your wet herbal yellow holi color is ready to be used.
  • Mix turmeric powder in water to get quick eco-friendly yellow color for holi.

Make Natural Magenta Holi Color at Home

Dry Magenta (Dark Pink) Color

  • Dry out beet roots in shade and ground them to get powder. Mix it with flour or refined flour to get lighter or darker shade of magenta color

Wet Magenta (Dark Pink) Color

  • Grate beet root slices and soak them in water to get beautiful dark pink color. To get deeper shade of magenta holi color, boil them after soaking overnight and then dilute before using.
  • Take peels of about fifteen pink onions and boil them in water. You will get an orangish pink colour.
  • Take some pink variety of Kachnar flowers ( of Geranium tree) and soak them in water overnight Boil and cool down to get pink eco friendly holi colour.

Make Natural Brown Holi Color at Home

Dry Brown Color

  • Take some flour and roast dry it in a pan till it becomes light brown in color. Cool it down and use this dry brown color for holi.
  • Take brown sugar and make a powder of it by grinding. Mix it with flour to get more amount of lighter shade and to get rid of its sticky nature if it gets wet while playing with holi color.

Wet Brown Color

  • Boil tea dust or coffee in water, cool it down and use as wet brown holi color.
  • Take Kattha (used in paan, called catechu in English) and dilute it in water to get brown color of holi.

Make Natural Black Holi Color at Home

Wet Black Color

  • Take dried Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and boil them in an iron vessel. Leave it in the vessel overnight. Strain and dilute with water in the morning to use as herbal black holi color.
  • Take out the juice of black grapes and dilute it with water so that the stickiness goes away.

A little effort on your part to make these eco-friendly natural holi color will ensure that you, your friends and family remain safe while playing holi! Just see to it that everyone use these herbal holi color in place of chemical ones while you enjoy holi with them!

But obviously, you cannot force everyone to make Holi colors at home or buy herbal Holi colors. So take proper measures for skin and hair care from harmful Holi colors. Read How to Protect Skin and Hair from Holi Colors

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