How to Make Rakhi at Home?

We are talking of a unique rakhi making craft along with a common method of making which that is very simple task. Raksha Bandhan is a very emotional occasion for both brothers and sisters. All the sisters want to make it a special day for their brothers. What can be more special than hand made rakhis made at home? Rakhi making is not at all a difficult craft. You just need a thread which can be a cotton or silk thread, glue and some craft items or any other thing of your choice which can be attached to make beautiful homemade rakhi! If you are not aware of how to make rakhi at home, we’ll teach you to make handmade rakhi at home for your beloved brother or brothers. Here you will find steps for making two types of home made rakhis- one with an artificial flower and the other with natural flowers!

Handmade Rakhi Craft Ideas # 1- Make Fancy Rakhi at Home!

Homemade Fancy RakhiThis is a fancy flower rakhi, almost similar to those rakhis that you buy from markets but what’s special about this is that you would make it with your own hands- a gesture that will tell your brother how much you care for him!

Materials for Making Fancy Flower Rakhi

This is a very easy to make rakhi craft and you can make it at home without any worries and within few minutes!

You will need

Colored Papers of approximately 3”X3”- yellow, orange, vermilion, red or any other colors

Satin Ribbon- about 12 inches long


Glue drops




Steps for Making Fancy Flower Rakhi

You have to make four paper flowers of four sizes- larger to smaller.

Take a colored paper of your choice and and cut out a round circle from it.

Now fold the circle from middle to get semi circle shape. Fold it again from middle to get triangle shape. Fold again for two times (see video)

Draw a shape of petal on the folded paper with pencil and cut along the lines drawn.

Open the paper folds and you’ll get a beautiful paper flower.

Now repeat the same process for making flowers with other three papers. Ensure that the second flower is smaller than the first, third is smaller than the second and fourth is smaller than the third flower.

Now you have 4 flowers of four sizes. Place the biggest flower on flat surface and attach the secon biggest flower to it with glue. Arrange the pointed parts of petals in such a way that a tip of petal protrudes between two petals of bigger flower. Paste the third biggest and then smallest flower one by one in the same manner as shown in the video.

Now take the fancy sequin and attach it at the center of the beautiful flower you have made with the help of a glue drop.

Now take the satin ribbon and put another glue drop at its center. Place your own hand made rakhi flower on this ribbon and let it dry for a few moments.

Your beautiful homemade rakhi is ready to be tied on your brother’s wrist!

Handmade Rakhi Craft Ideas # 2- Make Natural Flower Rakhi at Home!

Handmade Fresh Flower RakhiAs promised earlier, you will get the technique for making a unique rakhi at home with the help of fresh natural flowers.

You will need

Fresh tube roses- flower buds that haven’t bloomed fully

Petals of English rose

Green Calcutta grass

Kundan Button

Fancy rakhi threads

Old greeting card


Steps for Making Fresh Flower Rakhi

Take the greeting card and cut a desired round shape from it.

Take the tube roses and make three groups of smaller to larger flowers.

Trim the flower stems from below to make them of equal sizes.

Put glue on the round card paper and paste the biggest flowers on the edge with the stems facing the center and flowers ket outside edge. (see video)

Take Calcutta grass and make smaller pieces from it.

Put glue on the pasted flowers and attach the grass over the flowers.

Take a rose petal and fold it in tube shape (see video), stape from below so that it doesn’t opens. Paste the folded rose petal over the grass. Repeat with the other rose petals.

Take Calcutta grass and paste small pieces on rose petal tubes.

Make the second level of rakhi with the smaller tube roses. Paste them on the rose petal tubes with same technique as of first layer.

Paste Calcutta grass and rose petal tubes over the second layer of tube roses.

Now place the kundan button on top of the rakhi flower and paste it with glue.

Put some glue on the bottom side of rakhi base made with greeting card and paste the silk rakhi thread on it. Ensure that the mid point of tread is pasted.

Your eco friendly rakhi made at home with natural fresh flowers is ready! Just remember that you should make this rakhi either on the eve of Raksha bandhan or in the early morning of Rakhi day otherwise the flowers will get dried. If made the day before, store it in fridge. Your brother will love the fresh flower rakhi with all natural fragrances that you have made at home specially for him!

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