How to Make Rakhi with Waste Material?

If you are looking for handmade rakhi ideas that use waste material to make rakhi, you have come to the right place. These are simple rakhi making ideas and you can use all the waste materials that are lying around your home to make these eco-friendly rakhis. Not only will you surprise your brother on this Raksha Bandhan by tying a homemade rakhi to his wrist but you will also contribute in keeping your environment safe by making eco friendly rakhi with waste material. Here I present some videos that teach you how to make rakhi with waste material. See them and read the steps to make these rakhis. This is all you need to do to learn eco-friendly rakhi making with waste material!

Make Eco-friendly Rakhi with Waste Invitation Cards

Invitation cards like wedding cards etc. can be found easily at home. Once you attend the function, these cards become a waste. Instead of throwing them, let’s make a Rakhi with them!

Materials needed for Making Rakhi with Waste Cards

  • Waste Wedding Card of thick paper
  • Foam/ cotton
  • Gum/ Fevicol
  • Glitter (optional; if not using this, use glue)
  • Beads/Stones/Pearls etc. taken from old clothes/jewellery or any other thing to decorate like buttons etc.
  • Scissors
  • A ribbon/ moli (sacred thread used to tie around the wrist)

Steps to Make Rakhi with Waste Cards

  • Take a waste card which is made up of thick paper
  • Now, cut out two pieces of same shape but of different size. The shape can be round, oval or square, whatever you prefer. One of the pieces will be bigger than the other.
  • Now take the foam or the cotton and cut it in the shape and size of the smaller piece of your card paper.
  • Place the bigger card paper on a plain surface like table.
  • Take the foam or cotton that you have cut in smaller size and apply gum to one of its sides.
  • Paste this foam/cotton on the top of the bigger card paper.
  • Take the smaller card paper and apply gum to one of its side.
  • Paste this paper on top of the cotton/foam that you have pasted on the bigger card paper.
  • Now all the three pieces are pasted with each other.
  • Now take the glitter and apply it on the bigger card paper, all around the raised surface made with smaller foam and paper piece (see the video). If not using glitter, apply gum like this.
  • Now paste the beads or the stones or anything that you have found as a waste material like buttons, coloured paper pieces, etc. on the glitter or gum to decorate the rakhi.
    Once you have done this, apply some gum or glitter on the raised surface and paste some beads etc. on that too.
  • In the centre of the raised surface, you can paste any attractive piece like a waste pendant or even a picture of your brother!
  • Now take the ribbon or the ‘moli’. Put some gum at the centre of this thread or ribbon. Then paste it at the back side of the bigger card piece on which you have made your eco-friendly rakhi!
  • Let the rakhi dry out completely.
    Your rakhi made with waste material is ready to be tied to your brother’s wrist on Rakhi day!

Make a Mickey Mouse Rakhi with Waste Material

This is meant for your cute little brother. You can make a mickey mouse out of waste material and then paste it on a base rakhi made with cardboard paper or a wedding card paper like the one you had made in the previous rakhi above.

Materials needed for Making Mickey Mouse Rakhi

  • Egg carton
  • Thermacol
  • Gum
  • Water/ pastel colours
  • Scissors
  • Blade
  • Paint brush
  • Waste card
  • Ribbon/moli

Steps to make Mickey Mouse Rakhi with Waste Material

Here is a video below where you can see how to make a mickey mouse with the waste egg carton and thermacol. This video only shows how to make mickey mouse with waste material. After making this mouse, you can paste it over a rakhi base made by cutting a thick paper in round shape and then pasting a thread below your rakhi base to complete making your rakhi.

  • Cut out one of the raised surface of egg carton (see the video). This will make the body of your mickey mouse.
  • Now take a piece of thermacol and cut out a round shape out of it with the help of a blade. This will make the face of the mickey mouse.
  • Cut out two more smaller round shapes from the thermacol piece to make the ears of the mickey mouse.
  • Take the bigger round piece of the thermacol and apply some gum over the left top corner. Paste one of the smaller round piece here to make one of the ears of the mouse.
  • Now do the same with the other smaller piece and paste it on the top right corner of the bigger round piece. This makes the second ear of the mouse.
  • Apply some gum at the bottom of the bigger round piece and paste it to the body of the mouse made with the egg carton’s raised surface.
  • Cut out a long piece from the thermacol to make the tail of the mouse.
  • Apply sum gum on one side of the tail and paste it at the back side of the body of mickey mouse.
  • Now paint the body with your choice of colour.
  • Paint eyes, eyebrows, lips etc. on the face of the mouse.
  • Paint the ears and tail with black colour.
  • Now take the wedding card and cut out a large round shape out of it. This piece should be bigger than the body of the mouse. The best thing to do is to keep the mouse over the card paper and draw a line outside the circumference of the lower body of the mouse.
  • Apply some gum under the body of the mouse and paste it over the round piece of card paper.
    Take the ribbon or mouli thread and apply some gum. Paste it at the back side of the card paper.
  • Let it dry.
  • Your Mickey Mouse rakhi is ready!

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Make Rakhi with Waste Matchsticks

This is something really creative! All you need is a cardboard paper, some matchsticks (preferably used ones!) and gum. With all this, you can make the base of your rakhi and then paste a thread or ribbon at the back side to make the rakhi.


Materials needed for Making Rakhi with Waste Matchsticks

  • Matchsticks (used)
  • Cardboard paper
  • Gum
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon/ moli thread

Steps to make Rakhi with Waste Matchsticks

This video shows the art piece made with match sticks. After making this piece, you will need to use this piece as your rakhi base. Just paste a thread or a ribbon underneath the matchstick pattern and your rakhi with waste matchsticks will be ready. The video also shows using unused matchsticks. You can collect used matchsticks and then make this rakhi.

  • Take the cardboard
  • Now apply glue in the centre of the cardboard in a cross shape.
  • Paste four match sticks on the four sides of this cross made with the glue (see the video)
  • Now apply glue at the central distance between each of the four pasted match sticks.
  • Paste one matchstick each on this glue, in the centre of two matchsticks.
  • Now fill the space between two matchsticks with glue and paste one after other match stick on this glue to make a beautiful pattern. (see the video for clear understanding)
  • After completing the pattern like this, cut the cardboard on all the sides along the matchsticks pattern.
  • Your rakhi base is ready with this match stick pattern on cardboard.
  • Now take the ribbon or thread and after applying gum, paste it at the back of the matchstick craft that you had made.
  • If you think, this pattern is larger than what you need for your rakhi, paste the matchsticks in other patterns according to your requirement and imagination. There is no compulsion to follow the creativity of others, you can make your own rakhi pattern of the needed size with your own creativity! For some ideas, see the image below.


These were only few rakhi ideas with waste material. Look around and find other used materials, think a little, use your imagination and make stunning Rakhis with waste materials this Raksha Bandhan! For more ideas, see this- How to Make Rakhi at Home?

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