Ideas to Surprise your Brother this Raksha Bandhan

The bond between a brother and a sister is a unique one. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is also unique. Most probably, India is the only country where such a unique festival of Rakhi is celebrated to make this bond of brother and sister even more stronger! If you are a loving sister of your brother, you might have felt the strong feelings that he has for you. Sometimes, you might think him to be a little over-protective but that’s what makes him so special! Why not surprise your brother this Raksha Bandhan! But how? Let’s explore some ideas to surprise your brother this Raksha Bandhan.

Surprise your Brother with a Unique Video this Rakhi!

This will not be a common video nor a video containing some songs or pictures. This will be a video which will contain a piece of your brother’s life! This video might also contain the feelings of those people who are important for your brother.

  • You can film your parents while they talk about their son, your brother.
  • You can record the comments of your brother’s friends.
  • You can include pictures of his childhood with background comments from your parents about each of such picture.
  • You can express your feelings for your brother. After all, he should know what his sister feels for him!
    Include videos of your other sisters and brothers and cousins, no matter where they live. It’s just a matter of few seconds to record and send videos in this present world of online connectivity! Ask your cousins or other relatives who are really important for your brother to record a video talking about him and send it to you. Then edit and include these videos to implement the unique Rakhi gift idea for your brother!
  • You can shoot your brother’s daily movements like when he sings or dances or does any other interesting things. To keep it a surprise, just shoot all his movements secretly. This will be fun for you too!
  • If your brother is married or engaged, include clips of his wife or fiancée talking about him.
    Include pictures or video clips of your brother with his children.

In fact, you can shoot anything that will make your brother happy! So, pick up your camera or mobile phone and start recording whatever makes meaning for him. Edit this video, and surprise your brother with this unique Rakhi gift for him!

Surprise your Brother this Raksha Bandhan by Cooking his Favourite Dishes

This will be more effective if you don’t usually cook! This may take a little more efforts on your part as you may need to learn making his favourite dishes. But this is true, everyone loves to eat good food, especially on special occasions. And what can be more good than a dish made by sister on this special occasion of Rakhi! On the other hand, if you can cook well, this may be the easiest way to surprise your brother this Rakhi by making his favourite dishes in unique ways! How? Here are some unique ideas to make Rakhi special dishes.


  • If your brother has a sweet tooth, make some sweetsthat have a shape of Rakhi! Take hint from the recipe of this edible Rakhi!
  • Make some dish that both of you used to eat in your childhood but of late, you had not been eating this since a long time!
  • If he is fond of chocolates, make some Rakhi sweets or desserts with chocolate flavour such as chocolate cake, chocolate barfi or chocolate ice cream or pudding!
  • If your brother is fond of street foods or ‘chaat’, make some at home to treat him after you tie Rakhi to his wrist. This can be anything, gol gappas, dahi vada, bhelpuri, rolls, pav bhaji, anything that makes him have water in his mouth!

If somehow you cannot cook, you can order something that he savours, from his favourite restaurant or food joint!

Write a Rakhi Poem for your Brother and Surprise him with your talent!

If you are gifted with the art of writing, just pick up a pen and a paper (or type on your computer!) and create a Rakhi poem for your brother! Its never important that the lines in this poem rhymes. What is important is your feelings that you express through a song uniquely written for your brother, by none other than you!

If this idea to surprise your brother on Rakhi makes sense but if you can’t write a poem for him, select one from these Rakhi Poems for Brothers. Select the one which expresses your feelings more precisely. In fact, you can even modify any of these Rakhi poems to include your feelings for your brother! If not, you can even select one from many popular Rakhi poems!

Write this Rakhi poem in a beautiful Rakhi card or a paper and present it to your brother when you tie Rakhi to his wrist on Raksha Bandhan day! If you can’t write poem, write a letter to your brother and express your feelings!


Surprise your Brother by making a Unique Rakhi Card for him!

It’s true that you can buy a lots of glittering Rakhi cards for your brother but the one you make yourself for him will have a special meaning for your brother! It will tell him how much do you care for your brother as you will be spending a lots of time in imagining about what could impress him. You would certainly devote time to make a Rakhi card for your brother which is in fact, one of the most beautiful gestures to tell your brother how much you love him! Here are some ideas on making a unique Rakhi card for your brother.

  • Make a collage of your childhood pictures on the Rakhi card. Include pictures of your brother and yourself.
  • Write a beautiful poem describing your relationship with your brother on the cover of your handmade Rakhi card.
  • Make a unique 3D Rakhi greeting card for your brother.
  • If you can draw, make a beautiful painting to describe your relationship with your brother on this Rakhi card.
  • You can also draw a portrait of your brother on the card.

Let your imagination work and make a beautiful unique Rakhi card for your brother so that he gets surprised this Raksha Bandhan.

Make Rakhi at Home to Surprise your Brother this Raksha Bandhan

If you always buy a Rakhi, you can surprise your brother by making one this year! As he is in habit of wearing usual Rakhi bought from market every year, he will be pleasantly surprised when you tie a Rakhi on his wrist which is made by yourself, his lovely sister. Make this homemade Rakhi special in every way. Don’t use normal things that are used for making average Rakhi. Use something different that will catch your brother’s attention. Here are some such ideas for you!

  • Make Rakhi with flowers. Yes, if your brother loves flowers, he will really be surprised and happy when you tie this naturally smelling flower Rakhi on his wrist. You should, however, make this Rakhi on the eve of Raksha Bandhan as natural flowers will get spoiled if you make it many days before Rakhi. You can learn making such unique Rakhi with flowers here, in this article, How to Make Rakhi at Home?
  • If your brother is a nature lover and doesn’t want to waste things, you can show how you respect his quality by making rakhi with waste material.

These were only a few ideas that can surprise your brother this Raksha Bandhan! You can think of such numerous more ideas to make him feel special as a brother. After all, who can know a brother better than her sister! So, think, what makes him happy and do just that, to surprise your brother this Raksha Bandhan!

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