Latest Trends in Navratri Chaniya Choli Designs

Vibrant, bright colours and multipurpose chaniya cholis are in fashion this Navratri. Girls prefer designer chaniya choli of different varieties like kutchi and laheriya work. These designer chaniya cholis cost anything between Rs. 15000 to 50,000 but this is the time when people don’t mind spending their savings as they had been doing so all through the year for this festiv time only. Chaniya Choli for Navratri is the most popular dress for this season from a long time and it is equally preferred till now. There are many shops and boutiques that make exclusive dresses in Navratri and all women have a range of options to shop from. But selection of the perfect Chaniya choli as per one’s taste and latest trends is what matters!

Fabrics- the Basis for Gorgeous Chaniya Cholis

Fabric plays an important role while selecting dress for Navratri. Satin, georgette, crepe, cotton, silk are prominent fabrics used for designer chaniya cholis. Bright and vibrant colours always signify the celebration of this festival. Chaniya choli in gaudy colours are in fact, popular too. Typical Indian chaniya choli have heavy work and rich decoration because of preference for festive looks as everyone wants these outfits to underline the occasion. Mirror work, beads, stones, bright stars make chaniya choli more dazzling and flickering in bright lights.Latest Trends- Navratri Chaniya Choli

Chaniya Choli- A Designer’s Innovation at Work

Every year designers work hard to bring a boom in the market at the time of Navratra with new patterns and designs. They work hard on new style that my look fresh as well as gorgeous. There are even specialists in the market with their extensive catalogues of design and patterns and who also give you the facility to choose from a wide variety of chaniya cholis so that you get the best dress stitched according to your preference.

The very high demand of designer chaniya choli during Navratri season causes shortage of good outfits too. So it is always better to purchase these designer chaniya choli before the festive season starts. However, its never too late. Even if you buy chaniya choli after the Navratri begins, you may actually get some discount too as now the demand is on the lower side! Navratri Chaniya cholis has acquired a great place in fashion world and there are hundreds of patterns available to make your festive season memorable.

Latest Trends in Chaniya Cholis for Navratri

The grand occasion of Navratri always awaits you to look gorgeous and different with a perfect traditional Indian chaniya choli to make your Navratri celebration more happening. To look the best, you need to choose a chaniya choli in Navratri that is sensuous yet not against the Indian sensibilities.

Let’s know about some latest kinds of chaniya cholis that you can find for yourself this festive season.

Designer Chaniya Choli

The traditional chaniya choli has gone designer and has undergone a complete transition from its original form. Nowadays, you would find the popular designs in the market are the ones worn by different Bollywood actresses on screen. You can find the replica of such designer lehanga cholis in the market quite easily. If you can however, manage the budget to buy the original versions of these designer chaniya cholis, you cannot ask for more!

Velvet Chaniya Choli

You can also go for velvet chaniya choli, ghaghara, and blouses that are the latest fad available in eye catching colours and elegant patterns at the Chaniya Choli outlets, both in markets as well as online outlets. The classy appearance and the royal feeling make these velvetty dresses a great selection to have created by the best designers across the country. The manifest deepness of these chaniya cholis is achieved through the individual depth of the fabric and that is its sensual delight!

Latest Chaniya Choli

Rajasthani Chaniya Choli

The classic Rajasthani chaniya choli never seems out of fashion and it almost always finds place in the list of trendy chaniya cholis for navratri as well as other such festivals. The best part about them is the vibrant colours and lovely prints in which these chaniya cholis are available. Chaniya cholis coming all the way from Rajasthan or being made with Rajasthani touch are also less expensive than the designer wears.

Pleated Chaniya Choli

The skirted and pleated chaniya cholis are quite in vogue too these days due to their modern yet traditional looks. They can make any girl look stunning. From all over booti prints to simple plain single coloured chaniya cholis, you would find all of them and much more when you look out for one. If you don’t want to invest money on such a dress but yet want one for those dandiya days, you can create a look of pleated chaniya choli with the help of a saree as well.

Neon Coloured Chaniya Cholis

The lehanga cholis in fluorescent hues are doing the rounds this season as well. You can pick anything from neon green to neon blue. While looking for a chaniya choli this Navratri, buy one such with neopn colour and pair it up with matching accessories to stand apart in the crowd!

Westernized Chaniya Cholis

If you want to go the modern way this Navratri, go for lehngas that are made in the shapes of gowns. You will find them in such designs as A-line, mermaid as well trumpet gowns. These westernized chaniya cholis are paired with backless blouse patterns or noodle strapped blouses to make them ultra modern. This combination of gown style lehngas and designer blouses render a touch of modernity to your otherwise traditional chaniya choli.

Mirror Work Kodi Chaniya Choli

This is traditional as well as trendy style of chaniya choli for Navratri. Such kind of chaniya choli is available in plenty in the the market glittering with rows of mirrors and hanging ‘kodi’ or shells from the edges of the dupatta, blouses as well as lehngas. You can attain that traditional look with these chaniya cholis. Pair them up with the right kind of accessories and you would be able to make the most of this look.

Semi Stitched and Ready-to-Wear Chaniya Choli

Semi stitched chaniya choli also seem to be in much demand. You can get them stitched according to your body shape and get a fitting look for Navratri that is a subject of envy for many! If you have such figure that is the standard for readymade garment designers, you are saved from any work to get your lehngas designed and stitched. Jus buy readymade Chaniya cholis and get ready quickly for Navratri Garba raas.

If however, nothing seems to suit your preferences, you can even buy separate chaniya choli and dupatta and mix and match them according to your favourite colours and styles. It will infuse creativity with style

Latest Trends to Accessorise Your Chaniya Choli this Navratri

Only chaniya choli won’t work, you need to have the matching accessories too so that your selection of dress comes out with perfect blend of style and fashion!

Shoes to Match Chaniya Cholis

Chaniya choli can be given different avatars based on how you infuse your creative ideas. Wear a mystical and stylish shoe with your chaniya choli to give it a unique appearance. Or try a Jodhpuri slipper, bejewelled flip flops, peep toe pumps or a glittering sandals if your chaniya choli is not that bright. You can not save youself from all that glitter as brightness, stonework, sequins all of it is in fashion to give you a different feel this festive season.

Jewelery to Make Chaniya Cholis more Attractive

Vintage jewellery is also making a comeback. Grab that old nose ring, jhumars, and bangles of your mother or grand mother to match with to your outfit. You can even try haath panja, basically a bangle which is attached to finger rings. You can experiment with the jewellery trend to go with your trendy chaniya choli according to your comfort level.

If you have a waist to flaunt, you can try wearing a gorgeous kamarband with your backless chaniya choli. They come in many varieties- metallic, floral, heavy, traditional Rajasthani and so on. A very fascinating and royal jewellery with your chaniya choli can be the ornate jewellery. Decorate your head with intricately jewels like metal that give you that regal aura.

Flowers- the Natural You

Want to stay natural! Get those natural flowers to decorate you top knots and make Jasmines, rosea, daisies make you look perfect with the beautiful hair. A youthful look comes out of you when you tie a jasmine flower around your braid with that chaniya choli of yours.

Treat yourself as a princess and look like one when you dress yourself with a breathtaking chaniya choli this Navratri.

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