Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sisters and Brothers

What are the best rakhi gifts? Well this depends on many factors. To whom are you giving this rakhi gift- whether sister or brother; what is the age of the gift receiver; how connected are you with your brother or sister, whether its a formal relation among brother sister or even cousins or an intimate one; what is the budget decided for each rakhi gift; are you sending rakhi gift online or visiting your brother or sister personally; how well do you know about the interests of your brother sister and many more such issues! It might be a little difficult to select the perfect rakhi gift on Raksha Bandhan which can be remembered for life. However, what is simple about choosing a rakhi gift is that there are innumerable options that can fit well within your budget as well as please your sister or brother. So, how to select rakhi gifts? Here are some tips for your Raksha Bandhan gifts. First for sisters- after all this day is made special by them only!

Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sisters

Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sisters BrothersBefore giving some rakhi gift ideas for sisters, I would like to give a couple of tips for selecting these gifts for her. Think a little about your sister, her personality, her preferences and of course her interests. Now make a list of gifts that can be given to her- omit those that you have already given to her in the previous years on Raksha Bandhan and even on other occasions like birthdays and/or anniversaries. Repetition kills the charm of any gift including rakhi gifts! You will definitely get a short list of gifts from which you can select one or two or as many as your pocket allows as rakhi gifts for your sister! Now some gift ideas for your sister on Raksha Bandhan.


Rakhi Gift Idea- Chocolate Pack

This is a classic gift for rakhi which overrules the repetition clause. You can gift your sister chocolates on every raksha bandhan- either alone or with your main rakhi gift. If presenting only chocolates, make it a bigger one with specially assorted chocolate gift pack or a bouquet like arrangement with chocolates!

Mobile Phone

Rakhi Gift Idea- Cell PhoneThis is the modern day rakhi gift that is liked by all, whether sister or brother. When you select a cell phone for your sister, make sure its a little stylish along with some useful features. She will love this Rakhi gift!

Does your sister love gadgets? Then gift her a gadget this Raksha Bandhan! Here are ideas for
Top 10 Raksha Bandhan Gadget Gifts for Sisters


Rakhi Gift Idea- Jewelry SetWhen it comes to style and girls, jewellery is the perfect gift! And you don’t need a lots of money to buy expensive ones. You can get fancy jewelry that sometimes leave behind the precious jewelry too. If you know the preferences of your sister, you can buy a single piece jewelry of her choice like earrings, bangles or necklace. If not, go for jewelry set as your rakhi gift for your sister.

Gift Voucher

Rakhi Gift Idea- Gift VoucherSuppose your sister loves to buy dresses but you cannot buy dresses for her. You are in doubt whether she would like it or whether it will fit her or not! There are many clothing brands that offer gift voucher of amount of your choice. So, just give your sister a gift voucher with which she can buy her favorite dress! In fact, this is good idea for any thing- you can gift a lifestyle store voucher to her where she can shop for anything including dress, perfume, jewellery, make up cosmetics, bags and what not!

Rakhi Gift Ideas for Brothers

While some of the gift ideas that are good for sisters are also good for brothers such as mobile phones, chocolates etc. there are some exclusive things that can be given to brothers on Raksha Bandhan day! Here we go with these ideas for gifting your brothers on Rakhi!

Gadget Organizer

Rakhi Gift Idea- Gadget OrganizerBoys are gadget freaks, and there’s no denying of this fact. So, whatever age your brother is, he will love gadget organizer that can hold any and every gadget he owns.

Latest Gadgets

Rakhi Gift Idea- Latest GadgetWhen talking about gadgets, why not gift him a latest gadget this Raksha Bandhan! Of course, if you are an earning sister and you know your brother’s love of gadgets, you can always buy a latest gadget as a rakhi gift like the video watch in the picture above. Some of the other latest gadgets include multi function mouse pad computer accessories with multiple USB hubs, a pen with camera, instant print digital camera and so on.

Deals Gift Vouchers

Rakhi Gift Idea- Deals Gift Voucher

Shopping is not only a passion for girls, there are many boys who love to shop things. If your brother is one of such shopping freaks, you can gift him deals gift vouchers- so much in vogue these days. Many shopping sites and even restaurants offer such gift vouchers. So, if your brother is a foodie too, you can even think of gifting him a restaurant gift voucher this Rakhi day!

These were only some of the popular as well as unique rakhi gift ideas that are sure to win hearts of modern day brothers sisters. You can think of many other such gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan with just knowing what is there in markets and of course in hearts of your brothers or sisters!

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