Rakhi Poems for Brothers

These are not just Raksha Bandhan poems. These are the feelings of a sister who gets overwhelmed on this special day of Raksha Bandhan! These emotional Rakhi poems will help sisters like you to express their feelings for their brothers. There is a poem here for all brothers- elder brother, younger brother, a cousin, a brother who stays away from sister, and even a friend who is like a brother! This is just a humble effort on my part to help sisters express their feelings for brothers on the special day of Rakhi. If you like my Rakhi poems, you can use them on your Rakhi cards, letters or mails etc. to let your brother know how much you love him and care for him!

Rakhi Poems for Brothers

Rakhi Poem for Elder Brother

Elder brothers are more or less like parents, even more than them. Parents can only take care and provide what you want but a big brother will play with you, cry with you, fight with you and still love you as if you were a child! On the day of Raksha Bandhan, let your brother know how you have observed all that he has done for you. This Rakhi poem for big brother does exactly that- it tells your brother how you both have shared a life that had everything in it and how you are grateful to him for being a protective, caring and loving brother!

Rakhi Poem for Elder Brother

Thanks for being my brother, Brother!

We were there with each other!

When you cried and I cried!

When you cried and I laughed!

When I cried and you wiped my tears!!

Thanks for that moment brother!!


We fought over petty things!

I took away what you wanted!

You took away what I wanted!

You gave back what I wanted!!

Thanks for that sacrifice brother!!


We laughed at silly nothings!

I laughed at your joker acts!

You laughed at my silly jokes!

You laughed when you did not want to!!

Thanks for that laughter brother!!


We shared our little secrets!

I told you what you didn’t know!

You told me what others didn’t know!

I made you do what I wanted!!

Thanks for that daring excitement brother!!


We loved each other!

You cared for me when I needed it!

I revolted for my independence!

You protected me from what I didn’t know!!

Thanks for that loving care brother!!


Thanks for every moment of togetherness brother!

Thanks for being my brother, Brother!

Rakhi Poem for Younger Brother

You might not remember the exact feeling when your little brother came to share with you the home, love and care of your parents! But you do have a hint of such feelings and also clear memories of what you and your brother did! How you loved and cared for your brother when he was a small baby and yes how you envied him when your parents divided the share of their attention among both of you! You also know how it feels when a little brother suddenly becomes a bigger one! Tell him how you felt about that too. Whatever be the case, the truth is, younger brothers are always dear to a sister, they are always stars of their lives. Tell this to your brother on this Raksha Bandhan through this Rakhi poem.

Rakhi Poem for Brother

You are Star of my Life, Brother!

I saw you when you were a baby and I was a baby too!

I touched you when you were a soft bundle!

I envied you when you were in mother’s lap!

I cried when you were in father’s arms!

I liked it when you smiled at me!

I screamed when you took my things!

I played when you listened to me!

I scolded when you did what you shouldn’t!

I cared for you when you were among strangers!

I fought for you when you were bullied!

I looked at you when you fought for me!

I smiled when you scolded me!

I revolted when you acted like a big brother!

But I always loved you whatever you did!!


On this day of Raksha Bandhan,

Dear brother, I want to tell you!

You will always be a star of my life!!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

Rakhi Poem for Brother who Stays Away from You

It is a bitter truth, sisters and brothers cannot live with each other all their life! Either the brother has to go away from home due to his professional compulsions or the sister has to go away due to a career choice or marriage. But the memories of their life which was shared by both is enough for them to remain bonded for ever. On such occasions as Raksha Bandhan or Bhai Dooj, sisters do remember their brothers and the brothers too remember them! Tell your brother, how you miss him and how he makes your life joyful even when away from you. This Rakhi poem will help you express your feelings for your brother who is not with you on the Raksha Bandhan day!

Rakhi Poems

Brothers are like Stars!

Brothers are like stars.

They shine from far away.

They make your dark nights glow with care.

They make your world beautiful with love.

Even when they are not with you,

They see you, think of you,

They make you feel special.

And among all the stars,

My brother is the most beautiful one.


Today, on this day of RAKSHA BANDHAN,

I want to tell you my brother,

You are the star of my life,

You will be the star of my life forever!!

Thank You BROTHER, for being what You are!!

Raksha Bandhan Poem for a Cousin Brother

The only factor that you don’t share with your cousins is your parents. Apart from this, you share with your cousins all those that you share with your own brothers and sisters! You laugh, cry, fight, be friends, share secrets and do a lot more together. It’s a bond that cannot be explained in words. This Rakhi poem just tries to explain the happiness that we get with our cousins. Read it and if you think, it is able to express your feelings towards your cousin, send this to him this Raksha Bandhan!

Rakhi Poems Wallpapers

Happiness is Having a Cousin like You!

Happiness is sharing moments with cousins!

Happiness is laughing on silly things with cousins!

Happiness is playing with cousins!

Happiness is crying with cousins!

Happiness is sharing secrets with cousins!

Happiness is pulling legs of cousins!

Happiness is making fun of cousins!

Happiness is fighting with cousins!

Happiness is fighting for cousins!

Happiness is blackmailing cousins!

Happiness is helping cousins!

Happiness is understanding cousins!

Happiness is looking at old photos with cousins!

Happiness is chatting with cousins!

Happiness is being with cousins!

Happiness is having a Cousin like you!

Happiness is remembering cousins on Raksha Bandhan!


Thanks for Being my Cousin! Thanks for Being my Brother!!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Raksha Bandhan Poem for a Friend who is like a Brother

During the journey of our lives, we meet many people. We forget most of them. We also make friends with some of them. From these few friends, we connect with some at a different level. Sometimes we are not able to give names to some of such relationships. At other times, we do. Some of such friends behave brotherly and they become our brothers. You may or may not have a brother but such friends never let you feel alone. They will make you know how the love of brother protects you, cares for you and makes you feel like a special sister! If you have such a friend, tell him on this Raksha Bandhan that how you are grateful for seeing a brother in him! This poem comes to your help!

Rakhi Poem for Brother

So What! My Buddy, My Brother!

So what if you and me came from different homes!

So what if you and me did not share our childhood!

So what if you and me did not fight on petty things!

So what if you and me were not together on our first Rakhi days!


My friend, you are the best thing to happen to me!

You let me know what a brother is!

You let me know how a brother cares!

You let me know how it feels when someone is there for you!

You let me know the joy of tying Rakhi to a brother’s wrist!

Happy Raksha Bandhan to my Best Buddy! My Brother!


The above Rakhi Poems are written by me that you can use to send to your brothers. If you are looking for the popular Rakhi poems, you can see these Rakhi poems for brothers and sisters.

Disclaimer: The poems included in the images are not written by the author!

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