Top 10 Raksha Bandhan Gadget Gifts for Sisters

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is a very important festival in the Indian calendar. It is celebrated across the country in almost all communities. This is about the bonding, affection and eternal love between sisters and brothers. On the day of Rakhi, a sister would tie a thread around her brother’s wrist. The brother on his part will promise to protect her for as long as she lives. It’s unique, in the sense that, there’s hardly any other festival like this anywhere in the world.

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It started out as a simple festival, but these days, there are quite elaborate Rakhis in all sizes and colors. Sisters and even brothers too, look forward to this day. In fact, many sisters would travel from out of town as well to meet their brothers. Distance has not come in the way of the eternal brother-sister love. The festival ends with a grand feast, which the sister would often cook herself. And of course, the brother would lovingly want to give her a gift. The gift is not essential, but brothers would still like to give something as a mark of their love and affection.

Rakhi Gadget Gift Ideas for Sisters

Here Are Some Gadget Gift Ideas for Sisters

Gadget Gift Idea #1

Digital Photo Frame – Sony DPF-A710

Why gift a traditional photo frame when you could give her a digital version of it. She’ll proudly show off those special moments throughout the house, the moments she has captured in her camera or smart phone. It’s a special way to show off all those special moments. Printing photos and displaying them is so boring now in this digital age.

Gadget Gift Ideas- Digital Photo Frame

The Sony DPF-A710 is a good option. It comes with a 7-inch LCD panel and has a resolution of 480 x 234. A 128 MB Internal Memory means that she will be able to store a lot of pictures in it. The pictures can be shown in both portrait and landscape mode.

This is a smart gadget and it won’t cost you a lot of money too. The model is available for just Rs. 3,790.

Gadget Gift Idea #2

Sony Smart Watch

There’s a smart gadget that can convert a portable music player into a watch. But that can cost a bit on the higher side. If you are looking for something more affordable, then consider this watch, which is powered by Google’s Android OS.

Gadget Gift Ideas- Smart Watch

Sony SmartWatch is a cool device. It’s a modern gift for a modern girl. It comes with responsive touch display and is easy to use as well. So even somebody, who is not too much into technology should be able to use it without a bother. When she uses it, she’ll be able to access apps from Google’s Play store. What makes it more interesting and really smart is that, this watch can communicate with the Sony Xperia smartphone too. Now that’s really modern! By using this watch from Sony, your sis can easily connect with her social networking feeds.

The Sony Smart Watch won’t set you back by too much. It costs just Rs. 6,299.

Gadget Gift Idea #3

Kodak EasyShare Sports Camera

Kodak makes some of the best cameras you will ever find. They are not as celebrated devices as the models from Canon, Olymus or some other brands, but just see the end result and you’ll be convinced about this. So you can never go wrong if you gift your sister a Kodak Classic.

Gadget Gift Ideas- Camera

This is a sports camera and it’s really easy to use. This is a simple device that can be carried in a pocket – just right for a beginner. There is no built-in Wi-Fi, optical zoom or automatic face detection here. But this model is waterproof and comes with 12 megapixels.

It costs just Rs 3,200. So you won’t feel heartbroken if your little sister leaves it accidentally somewhere.

Gadget Gift Idea #4

Harry Potter Blu-ray Box Set

Is she completely crazy about Harry Potter movies? A lot of the girls are. In fact, you’ll rarely find a young boy or girl who is not in love with this boy wizard. This pack contains all the movies of the series, and that too on Blu-ray discs, so the print would be awesome surely. It is a collector’s item for everybody who loves to watch these movies.

Gadget Gift Ideas- Harry Potter Blu Ray Box

You can be sure that she is going to love it if she is smitten by Potter. She can then watch the films over and over. All the Harry Potter Blu-ray discs (the entire series) will cost you just Rs. 7,650.

Gadget Gift Idea #5

Sennheiser HD 219

This Rakhi gift is for all those dear sissies who are complete audiophiles. If she cannot live without a constant flow of music in her life, then this is what she should have.

Gadget Gift Ideas- Headphone

It’s an incredibly nice headphone. The Sennheiser HD 219 can keep the ambient noise at bay so that she can listen to the music without external distractions. She’ll be able to catch all those finer things clearly. The bass response is great as well. The Sennheiser HD 219 is very comfortable to wear. She can even jump on the bed wearing this if she wanted to. And here’s the best part – this headphone costs a mere Rs. 3,000. So it won’t be tough on your pocket as well.

Gadget Gift Idea #6

Bose IE2

Here’s another headphone you may want to consider, though Bose calls them earphones.

The Bose IE2 is a great way to accessorize the smartphone or the portable music player. It’s a globally accepted fact that Bose Corporation makes the best speakers in the world. Their speakers are fitted at the United Nations, Sydney Opera House and in many other top landmarks. The world relies on Bose for quality and consistency. You’ll get the same high results with the Bose IE2 as well. The sound quality is fantastic. In fact, you will rarely find anything better. These earphones have large, medium and small silicon tips for listening comfort. So she can listen for hours without any trouble.

Gadget Gift Ideas- Bose Headphone

No, it won’t cost you a million dollars. The Bose IE2 is available for just Rs. 5,175. She is going to be so proud that she owns a Bose.

Gadget Gift Idea #7

Sony HDR-TD10 Full HD 3D Camcorder

True, there are plenty of camcorders out there, and many of them are from leading brands as well, such as Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung. Some of them are smart gadgets too with many advanced features. But you might still want to consider this model – the Sony HDR-TD10.

Gadget Gift Ideas- Camcorder

The Sony HDR-TD10 has often been described as the “’Swiss Army knife of video cams”. Yes, it’s that efficient. This one isn’t cheap by any means. But it is worth every buck it costs. The Sony HDR-TD10 is the world’s first 10x optical zoom in 3D camcorder. This is also the first 3D camera that is able to capture double full HD video. It captures 3D videos and 3D images. This model is so good that even professional cameramen and women are going to envy your sister.

Gadget Gift Idea #8

Cell Phone

You can pick a cell phone too for your sister this Raksha Bandhan. There are so many of them out there that it is pointless to mention just a single model or two. You can pick just the right cell phone depending on your budget and her choices and preferences.

Gadget Gift Ideas- Cell Phone

There are models that cost a little more than just a thousand rupees, and there are those that are above Rs. 50,000. So you’ll have a wide stock to select from. For instance, you can select from the Nokia Lumia series or the Samsung Galaxy series. Both of them are very popular. There are many other really nice mobile phones as well that you can gift your sister.

Gadget Gift Idea #9

Sport Backpack for 15.4 Inch Laptop

This isn’t a gadget as such, but this laptop backpack would make it easy for her to carry her laptop.

Does your sister carry her laptop to college? Or is she an IT professional who must go to office with her laptop in tow? This could be a great gift if she is one of those. This nice backpack will not just make it easier for her to carry the laptop, but she can take her makeup kit and hairbrush as well with her. Yes, there is room for these things too in this backpack. With this backpack, she won’t have to carry the purse. Plus, it’s sure to look very smart on her as well.

Rakhi Gift Ideas- backpack

If you are a thoughtful brother, you’ll want to give it to her this Raksha Bandhan. This lightweight backpack costs a mere Rs. 2,795.

Here are some more Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sisters and Brothers

Gadget Gift Idea #10

Music Player

Another great option is a music player. While on the go, she can listen to music on her mobile phone. But what would she do when she is at home? If your sissy is fond of music, then you can give her a music player. There’s a lot to choose from. Like the Philips Go Gear Vibe 4GB that costs just Rs 4,500. This smart music player supports both video and audio. It can store up to 900 tracks.

Gadget Gift Ideas- Ipod

Another great option is the Apple iPod Nano. This is stylish and elegant. This 8 GB model is a very handy thing to have. It has fantastic battery life and provides up to 24 hours playback with just a single charge.

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