18 Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

‘Festival of lights’ Diwali symbolizes Hindu tradition and its celebration manifests itself in great zeal among Indians. Everyone start Diwali preparation a month before the festival. Elaborate shopping, buying new clothes and decorative for home decoration on Diwali, crackers revolt with family, mouth-watering ghee dripping gulab jamuns and ladoos, performing aarti in front of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to express gratitude to them and getting dressed in rich and traditional clothes, all are important part of the traditions. Different pattern on colourful rangoli, preparing lavish dinners with dishes having lots of spices, lighting the home with candle, diyas and lanterns as well as sharing beautiful gifts, these all are the real redolent of this festival Diwali. Of these, selecting and buying Diwali gifts take up a good share of time and efforts while preparations.

Changing Patterns of Diwali Gifts

Gifting trends on Diwali have undergone a massive change. Earlier popular Diwali gifts were limited to exchanging clothes and ‘mithai’ or sweets made with sugar, dry fruits, and milk and it was mostly handmade. But now trend and style of gifting on Diwali is changing day by day, all thanks to the consumerism in the post – economic liberalization era. Diwali gifts now include even gadgets like, ipads, tablets, laptops, iphones etc. Since women are more inclined towards buying gifts, they cover it all from fancy linen, kitchen accessories, cutlery, cosmetics, handbags, shoes, to even paintings and expensive stationery. Men are not far away too, they can be seen investing in expensive perfumes, clothes, gadgets and what not!

While there is no harm in gifting all these things to your near and dear ones on Diwali, why not make this Diwali special for them by selecting or making some unique Diwali gifts for them! This will obviously make them feel special and will in turn make you happy too!

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali gifts are more about style, elegance and panache and most importantly about expressing the right emotions behind the gift. Some unique Diwali gifts to share with your loved ones to show gratitude to them are here for you!

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

1. Gift Fusion Teas on Diwali to Tea Lovers!

You may find the market flooded with various blends of green tea, black tea, and masala tea, not to forget the flavored teas! This is really a unique Diwali gift for someone having sheer passion for tea. You can select from handmade tea blend with flavors of herbs that are also a healthy gift. It would be great to gift some this flavorful yet healthy gift on Diwali.

2. Make Unique Magic Jars for Diwali Gift!

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

Everyone loves glass jars, they are so beautiful! Glass jars can be converted into albums of memories. Create handmade magical jars with gel, sparkle and different decorative items. Inscribe message on them for your loved ones. It looks and feels magical. A creative unique gift full of emotions would be loved by your dear ones. They are also a great replacement of traditional diyas and candles and give the house an exotic feel. Give them this Diwali decoration idea too as a Diwali gift!

3. Aromatic Diwali Gift- Cinnamon Stick Candles!

Create awesome rustic looking candles that smell heavenly! All you need is unscented candles, cinnamon sticks and string to bind them together. Group the candle, cinnamon stick and string together; when it will be lighted, it will convert into a scented candle. A fragrant ambiance is what you can gift your loved ones this festive season.

4. Recycled Denim Bags – Diwali Gift for a Friend of Environment!

If you are bored of your old denims, you can creatively change it into a stylish bag to woo your friend on Diwali- a friend who always make you understand the importance of protecting environment! Such bags are very simple and easy to make. You just have to cut your denim in appropriate measurement and sew it to make a cool bag. If you can’t sew, go to a tailor with your old jeans and look how creative and unique Diwali gift gets created!

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

5. Vintage Camera Strap – A Diwali Gift for Photograher’s Soul!

If any of your friend or family members is crazy for photography and have camera, you can create a beautiful vintage camera strap from the leftover cloth piece and simple colourful threads. This camera strap will be a gift for life for your loved ones and what better occasion than Diwali to gift them this? Can’t make it? Again, head towards tailor’s shop! In fact, get a deal from a tailor- you will give him raw material and ideas for unique Diwali gifts that you want to make! And he will give you the finished product- The Unique Diwali Gift!

6. Exotic Festive Cupcakes as Diwali Gift for Foodies!

Exotic cupcakes are new option in the market for Diwali gifts. Demand of festive cupcakes is high in demand. It can even be customized according to the way you want. For all the diet conscious people sugar free cupcakes or diet cupcakes are also the new favorites. So, this Diwali you can manage to please the sweet tooth of your loved ones and yet keep a check on their diet.

7. Personalized Luxury Pens – A Perfect Diwali Gift for Classy People!

Gift a beautiful pen, if possible luxury pen to someone you know likes to collect such pens! They can express their feelings beautifully with stylish and exceptionally luxurious pens. You can get all kinds of pens but the one which has the name or signature engraved on itself will be loved by the receiver. Students, writers, businessmen, anyone will appreciate this unique Diwali gift from you.

8. Handmade Diwali Greeting Cards – A Gift beyond Gratitude!

Anything that carries your own imagination, efforts and taste will be unique for that special one whom you will gift a handmade Diwali card! Give Diwali greetings a personal touch through these personalized Diwali cards. Handmade cards carry personal insignia holding your unique imagination and the message that how you can invest time and special efforts to hold the relationship with this card receiver!

9. Homemade Cake- Yet Another Diwali Gift with Unique Style!

If you are a great cook and also love to make cakes, there’s nothing like making unique cakes and gifting them to your loved ones. Make cakes in different shapes like Diyas and rangoli to keep the Diwali festivities alive with different flavors of the cakes like chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, berries etc. You may even experiment with fusion of tastes!

10. Handmade Table Lanterns- Make Best Diwali Gift out of Waste!

If you are a DIY crafts person, you will love to make this unique gift for Diwali. Create beautiful table lanterns decorated with old glasses, beads, ribbons, papers anything along with paint colors . It can be a very colourful Diwali gift for your loved ones wrapped with lots of love and affection.

11. Kundan Rangoli – Make this Easy Gift on Diwali!

You want to gift unique handmade Diwali gifts but don’t have much time or imagination to do so! If yes, make Kundan Rangoli and gift them on Diwali. Yes, you can even gift handmade kundan sticker rangoli. You just have to buy kundan stones and transparent sticker sheet. You can create a beautiful rangoli design on the sheet and can gift it to your loved ones. The best thing about this rangoli is that it can be reused again and again!

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

12. Handmade Sea Shells Candle as Diwali Gift!

If you have lots of sea shell collection, you can use it gifting your loved ones creatively. Its very easy to make such candles at home. Buy some wax from market and fill the sea shells with wax. Your beautiful candle and a beautiful Diwali gift too is ready!

13. Make Paper Bag Flying Lanterns for Diwali Gifts

With less plastic bags in the market, we usually come home with lots of paper bags. Use these paper bags in creating vibrant paper lantern to gift to your friends and family members. Flying lanterns also symbolizes happiness and hope.

14. Dangling Handmade Earrings for Lovely Ladies on Diwali!

Dangling baalis are perfect accessory with dash of fashion in ethnic style. Buy some cool coloured beads and brass wire. Now play with these beads and let your imagination fly high. Create multi colour earrings with unique designs to gift to your friends. These earrings are easy to make and classy to gift on Diwali or even on other occasions.

15. Colourful Mobile Cases for Diwali Gifts!

This one thing is in great demand! If you have to share a Diwali gift with your very close friend, you can buy a colourful mobile case and decorate it creatively with colours, beads, stones etc. and make it a unique mobile case for your loved ones.

16. Gift Uniquely Painted T- shirts and Mugs on Diwali!

While these have not remained unique now, you can still make them unique by painting them differently. Paint some emotional message, or a couplet or even lines from the favorite songs of your friend! Draw something that will remind the gift receiver of something special between both of you! Or just play with colors on the shirt or the mug! This will make them unique gifts for Diwali!

17. Handmade Bookmarks as Diwali Gifts for Book Lovers!

If you have a book lover in your loved ones and family, you can gift them handmade book marks according to their taste. Tassel bookmarks, pom-pom bookmarks can be easily made from left out woolen threads.

18. Decorative Roped Vase as Unique Diwali Gift!

From old ropes you can create a wonderful flower vase to gift your dear ones. Old ropes are easily available in all houses. Just fold them in a spiral formation and create a beautiful spiral vase in which vibrant flowers can be decorated by your loved ones for lifetime.

Above mentioned gifts are unique and blissful in their own ways to share with our loved ones. You can create them yourself or can get them customized in the market. You can make your Diwali unique with these colourful and vibrant gift items and make these gifting moments more affectionate for yourself and your loved ones!

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