20 Unique Gift Ideas for Durga Puja

No festival in India is complete without the ritual of gift exchange, not even Durga Puja! Why not make this ritual an interesting one for your loved ones by giving them some unique gifts this Durga Puja! Yes Unique Sharadiya Gifts!

With pomp and gaiety Dussehra is celebrated very popularly in India. It is known as festival of victory of good over evil. With different customs and different names Indians define the 10 days of festival and celebration as Dusshera, Navratri or Durga Puja. But the underlying spirit of celebrations of this festival remains the same in every culture. Hindus celebrate this festival worldwide by gathering socially and offering sweets to each other. This festival also marks the beginning of the harvest season and prayers are said, ritual is observed to invoke blessings from Mother Earth for a good yield, harmony and opulence to all. Of these Dusshera festivals, Durga Puja is celebrated in Bengal where it is the biggest festival of the land.

Bengalis celebrate this festival as Sharadiya Durga Puja. Festive season starts with cities and markets decorated generously and everyone starts cleaning their house and surrounding to welcome Goddess Durga. This is a mega festival celebrated in an astonishing way. Durga Puja in Kolkata is especially a grand affair to see and feel the excitement aroused by this festival there! Puja pandals are made according to one or the other theme with floral decorations installed with ritual and customs that also mark the uniqueness of this culture.

Gift Exchange on Durga Puja- A Ritual Turned Habit!

Today, however, Durga Puja has become commercialized to a great extent with mega brands declaring mega Durga Puja Offers and people buying them without giving a second thought. One of the major attractions of this festival, the ritual of exchanging gifts with loved ones, family, friends and acquaintances has also converted into ‘just an activity’ rather ‘an activity guided by the market’. While there is not the lack of feeling about gift giving on Durga Puja but as these gifts are all similar to what one gets since years, there seems to be a lack of excitement regarding these gifts. Why not make this Durga Puja a memorable one for your dear friends and family! By giving them some unique gifts. In fact, many business houses and shops offer unique things too these days. So, if you get guided by them, at least be unique in selecting the uniqueness they offer! Some of the unique gift ideas to be given on Durga Puja for your loved ones are as follows.

Unique Gift Ideas- Durga Puja

Unique Gift Ideas for Durga Puja

1. Self Made Video Clips

If you have to select a gift for a very close friend on Durga Puja, you can collect all the photographs and memories together of you both. Then create a beautiful video clip with a song in the background. This will be a very special gift for your special or best friends and family members. It’s a special memory for lifetime. The time and effort spent on making such a unique gift will make the gift receiver happier than ever.

2. Personalised Pen

This is something like a popular gift too as well as a unique gift. Pens have been dear to almost all Bengalis. They love to collect pens and when you gift a pen, it is never disregarded and becomes a prized possession for them. To make this popular gift a unique one, gift a personalised pen with the receiver name written on it. In fact, these days, some companies also sell such personalized pens with engraved names or signatures or even initials of a person. You can even order such personalized pen online. It can be an innovative gift idea if you have a writer friend in your gift list. These types of pens are easily available online or in markets.

3. Collection of Poems- by Favorite Author or Self!

Bengalis are lovers of words! They love to read and even write! You can gift them collection of Rabindra Nath Tagore poems in a book form. If you think this isn’t unique, find out who their favorite poet or author and gift them this poet’s work. If your friend is a writer too and has shared his or her writings with you, you may even get these work published and give it as a gift to them. It will be cherished by your friend lifetime, anytime he reads that book.

4. Ipod with Beautiful Bengali Songs

It is said that Bengalis are born singers, they are in love with music. You can buy an Ipod and can create a beautiful list of songs in Bengali to gift your close ones on the occasion of Durga Puja. It will fill the receiver with lots of memories for a lifetime.

5. Home Baked Fish

Bengalis are typical ‘fishitarians’. Nothing gets complete without fish in their homes- either it is regular meal or a special one, a discussion or an argument- fish remains everywhere with Bengali ‘Bhadralok’ and ‘Bhadramahila’. And what can be the best gift to them on Durga Puja other than fish! You can bake a fresh fish and gift it to your loved ones. Baked fish will be healthy and oil free and it will fill the need of the taste buds too, especially when you know that the person is advised not to eat junk due to health concerns.

6. Flavoured Rasgullas

Durga Puja is incomplete without the famous Bengali sweets, especially ‘Roshogolla’. Nowadays, you can even get them in different flavours, which include kesar, cardamom, rose, strawberry, etc. You can also try your hands at making them at home. Make sugar free flavored Rasgullas if some of your friends avoid calories or suffer from diabetes. You can even place orders for such special sugarfree sweets with some renowned sweet shop and gift them to your loved ones.

7. Designer Kulhad

Bengalis use lots of kulhad while eating and drinking. They love to remain in connect with natural things, especially the senior ones. They serve tea, rasogulla and misthi dohi in kulhad to give it a Bengali touch. You can gift designer kulhad as a gift of love to your close ones. You can find these kulhads decorated with stones or painted with different colours to give them a vibrant look. Just ensure before buying that they are painted with safe colors.

8. Handmade Cookies and Puddings

Bengalies area a born foodies! They love to have sweets and all confectionery items. However, with time, tastes are changing too. Now its not only ‘Sandesh’ and ‘Mishti Doi’. Its also about cookies and puddings. Instead of buying sweet goodies from shops, you can prepare some good flavoured pudding and cookies at home and present this to your loved ones. This gift will be a token of affection for the receiver.

9. Classic Painting Kit

Bengalis are also known for their love for art and culture. If some of your friends paint a lot, you can gift them a painting kit with brushes, canvas, colours and palette. This will be a new and innovative gift idea for your friends and family members.

10. Self-Woven Woollen Clothes

As Durga Puja is celebrated in month of October or November. You can even gift colourful and traditional woollen apparels to your friends and family. You can find them easily in the markets from the month of September onwards. This is especially a gift for someone who doesn’t like pomp and show or is not moved by designer items and who is more simplistic in living. Such a person would definitely love to have something useful for the coming months.

11. Marble Thalis

Pooja thali is used by everyone, not only on Durga Puja but during everyday puja. You can gift a beautiful marble thali painted with colours to give it a traditional touch. You can decorate the thali with all the puja ingredients  too like, roli, diya, rice, dahi and holy bell and can gift your friends this Dusshera.

12. Make Up Kit

Girls love to dress up for Durga pooja, you can gift your female friends a full fledged make-up kit to make their celebration more happening. Although this is very common thing to gift but its uniqueness lies in the fact that they will just love to have it from their loved ones. This will be a routine breaking gesture for them as they won’t have to hop shops to collect cosmetics for themselves. These make up kits are easily available in the market for foreign brands and Indian brands both. Just be careful in choosing the items for make up kits. Its better to take help of someone close to that person who knows what would be liked by her in the make up kit!

13. Bed Sheets with Durga prints

You can buy or get customized Durga prints on any cloth now, even on bedsheets. This gift will give the festive feeling of Durga Puja and make it memorable for your loved ones and family members.

14. Customized Printed Mugs and T-shirts

You can also get customised T-shirts and mugs for your loved once in Durga Puja. You can get a photograph customised on the mugs and T- shirt according to the colour and festivities of the season to give it a traditional look.

15. Customised Bengali Saris

Bengali saris are high in demand on Durga puja. Now you can even order a personalised sari online for your loved ones to gift them this Dusshera. You can personalise the sari with Durga imprints to make it more colourful and attractive while gifting.

16. Colourful Ghagra Choli

Navratri and Durga Puja are celebrated on same days. During Navratri, the culture of Dhandiya dance is very famous in Gujarat. Why not gift these to your younger sisters and friends. After all, bengalis too like to dress up in different avatars! You can buy a stylish ghagra choli to gift your female friends or sisters. These dress looks vibrant, colourful, and full of ethnic essence when it comes to traditional clothing.

17. Dhandiya Sticks

When gifting ghagra choli, why not even gift a pair of dhandiya sticks from the market and decorate it beautifully with laces and ribbons to make it perfect a perfect gift. In fact, organize a Dandiya Raas as one of the cultural events during one of the Puja days in your local community Puja Pandal and invite all your friends and family. This gift will then become an ideal gift to share with your loved ones in this festival of music and colours.

18. Designer Bindis

Bengali sari looks perfect with a traditional bindi, and Bengali women love to wear different bindis. You can gift quite a number of packets of stylish yet traditional bindis to your female friends and closed ones. They are easily available in the markets.

19. Charan Paduka

It is a perfect gift to share with your loved ones and elders on Dusshera. This symbolises the holy feet of Goddess Durga in your home. Along with giving Durga idols and paintings, you can also gift Charan Paduka to your elder femily members. You can gift this to your loved ones as a symbol of prosperity and also a symbol of blessings from the Goddess.

20. Silver Coated Dhoop Agarbatti Stand

Bengalis use lots of dhoop agarbattis during their daily puja rituals as also during Durga Puja. You can gift them a silver coated dhoop agarbatti stand. These stands are available in diffent shapes like mango leaf, sea shells and candle shaped. This can be a lifetime gift for your close ones.
Make your Durga Puja this year a special one by sharing unique gifts with friends and family. This gifts will make the happy occasion even more special and close to your heart. As it is, you always try to make your dear ones feel loved. This time, do this with unique gifts for Durga Puja!

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