Why to Avoid Crackers on Diwali

Diwali is round the corner and everyone is busy shopping! But if this Diwali shopping list includes crackers then it is a point to ponder for everyone, especially for those who associate bursting crackers during Diwali with joy, peace and prosperity.

Do we know about hazards of bursting crackers?

Dangers of bursting crackers, both health wise and in terms of noise and air pollution are now well known due to the efforts of environmentalists, NGOs working for environment and health as well as Government. However, most of us seem to close eyes when it comes to bursting crackers not only during Diwali but also during various occasions like weddings, elections and even cricket matches!

We don’t want to be hypocrites who keep on talking about global warming, green house effects and the pollution but who forget that they are the only ones who enjoy noisy, toxic and extremely harmful fireworks in name of celebration and prosperity on Diwali. We hear, read and talk about about horrible impacts of crackers but then just forget to take care and avoid bursting crackers every time.

However, If you still don’t know the hazards of crackers, here are the reasons why you should avoid crackers this Diwali and all the coming Diwalis!

Avoid Crackers on DiwaliPhoto credit: Viralbitch and Indians for Social Change

Avoid Crackers to Avoid Air Pollution

Crackers cause air pollution that gives health related nightmares to elders, children and even animals!

For many people firecrackers are highlight of Diwali celebration. Louder the noise and sparkles greater is the thrill for them. In cities though where population and pollution are increasing day by day, the joy of watching firecrackers has changed into intense air pollution caused by the toxins produced by the crackers.

The substances which are used in making fire cracker are harmful to health and living beings. These crackers release pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide in air that can cause ailments like asthma and bronchitis. People having asthma suffer a lot during Diwali. They in fact have to take shelters in high rise hotels, cinema halls or even have to go for a forced international vacation to avoid asthma attacks! The patients in hospitals and animals as well as birds are also affected due to air pollution.

Schools and other organizations demonstrate to the students about pollution free Diwali but efforts are seen futile. The government department of environment also publishes notices and regulations to curb air pollution but there is no difference seen. Supreme Court even has ordered not to burst crackers between 10 pm to 6am, still crackers are burst throughout the night neglecting the supreme orders every year. In fact, for some people, the enjoyment from crackers only comes after midnight! Have you ever thought about the children, the aged and the ill who just can’t relax due to these disturbing noises and choking pollution even in the wee hours of the night!

Avoid Crackers to Avoid Noise Pollution

Crackers cause noise pollution making humans and animals sick!

The noise generated by crackers cause’s immense trauma to the ailing. Infants, old people, birds, animals and environment on the whole are affected by the noise of crackers. The high decibel of noise produced by crackers can trigger problems like hypertension, annoyance, stress, hearing loss and sleep disturbances. Hypertension and stress has now become a pervasive health problem that is only aggravated by crackers. Chronic exposure to noise is also causing hearing loss in many. Do we really need this noise!

Avoid Crackers to Avoid Global Warming

Crackers too contribute in increasing global warming, in ending earth!

Fireworks contribute a lot in global warming by rise in greenhouse gas emissions that change the climate for worse. The dust storm and smoke produced by fireworks contain potential gases like titanium, mercury, lead, barium, copper, lithium and various chemicals that combine to produce deadly chlorine gas. Firework contributes to acid rain, smog, water pollution. We should stop bursting crackers to save the planet and in this process we will be able to enjoy cleaner air as well as quieter atmosphere. All for our children! By banning fireworks and crackers while celebrating Diwali, we can improve our health and decrease the increasing global warming.

Avoid Crackers to avoid Water Pollution

Crackers cause water pollution rendering water unfit for drinking and agriculture!

Drinking water has become a precious commodity today. Do you feel the need to save it vigorously! Fireworks displays and bursting of crackers are done near lakes and other water bodies, often to prevent fire accidents. However, while they do make us safe from fire but create problems related to water contamination on the other hand. These crackers contain perchlorate particles that cause contamination in water bodies. These particles can penetrate in the soil and ground water too which not only makes the water unfit to drink but also for any agricultural purposes.

Avoid Crackers to Avoid Smog

Crackers produce smog causing road accidents and health hazards!

The smoke that comes out of the fireworks and crackers contain tiny metallic particles. When burnt on the streets, crackers produce smog which is very dense and foggy. This makes driving unsafe for people as they cannot see properly. Smog produced by crackers is one of the major causes for accidents during Diwali season. Not only road accidents, smog causes health hazard too, after all it is never safe to inhale metallic particles!

Avoid Crackers to Avoid Disturbed Sleep

Crackers cause disturbed sleep. Right to sleep can’t be denied to people around you!

Celebrating Diwali is becomes even more enjoyable when you burst crackers and fireworks, but others around your place may get disturbed while they try to sleep. Right to sleep is a fundamental right and no one can violate this rule of law. Patients, kids, elderly, all need undisturbed sleep and for them it is more a necessity, an activity to preserve their health, rather than just a right! Students too can get disturbed. Even if bursting crackers, overlooking all the risks associated with it, they should not be at least burst late at night and at odd hours.

Avoid Crackers to Avoid Child Labour

They too have a right to enjoy Diwali!

Fireworks have a great connection with child labour. Most of the fireworks factories employ children for making crackers. It is inhuman and illegal too. It is very dangerous and hazardous activity for the children who work in these factories. Crackers have adverse effects on children who work to make these crackers.They may even lose their body parts due to some explosives accident while they make these crackers for Diwali. Kids who are under aged offer very cheap labour and thus they fall prey to this inhuman practice. Slum children who are not able to afford education and basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter are forced to work under such callous condition. When we avoid using cracker we, at least indirectly, take effort to denounce child labour.

Avoid Crackers for Children and Senior Citizens

Crackers cause public nuisance making our children and seniors uncomfortable!

Small children, infants, elders and senior citizens require peace and serenity. They are generally weak hearted and cannot bear sudden shock, trauma or noise. Lungs and nostrils of infants and kids are tender and delicate. Smoke and other harmful gases from crackers can suffocate them, sometimes even to death! Many elderly sick people can suffer strokes, heart attack due to fireworks and sudden noise. Many such incidence have been reported in the past. For the sake of our children and are elders, we should try to avoid crackers.

Avoid Crackers to Avoid Fire Accidents

Avoid accidents on Diwali by avoiding crackers and save your loved ones from being lost forever!

Diwali brings on a huge number of fire accidents, mainly caused by crackers and fireworks. Fire is a great fear during Diwali. If proper care and precaution is not taken while bursting crackers, it can lead to a fire accident that can harm anybody, your family members too! Sometimes rocket firework is not placed properly and is misled to nearby huts, house and even parked vehicles. Many fire accidents and deaths are reported every year due to such careless handling of fireworks during Diwali festival. One accident during Diwali can make your all the coming Diwalis an unpleasant event!

Avoid Crackers to Avoid Non-fertility of Soil

We can live without crackers but can we live without food!

Some crackers are made from materials that are non bio-degradable. The shells and outer covers are usually made of plastic that causes lots of problems to the environment. These materials do not decay easily and also contaminate the soil. Land becomes useless for future use. Chemicals and other metallic substances used in crackers are a serious threat to fertility of soil. We can live without crackers but can we live without food! Just think over it!

Avoid Crackers to Avoid discomfort to Your Pets

Understand the plight of animals who can’t speak for themselves!

Diwali is one of the most scaring times for pets and other animals. They may be seen trembling with fear because of noise produced by cracker bursting. Not able to bear the loud noises, pets can be seen hiding under beds and in the corners of the rooms. If you have pets, probably you do not burst crackers as you know how dreadful it is for them. However, people around you burst crackers and it will take some time for them to understand the plight of animals. Till then, make you pets feel comfortable through the following tips.

Tips for pet owners during Diwali

  • Create a safe place for your pets a week before diwali so that they can be away from such sounds.
  • Give them access to any place they prefer to hide.
  • Try to distract your pet with some activity or game than to let him hide and be afraid of the crackers.
  • Take your pet to your veterinarian and check if they need any anti-anxiety drugs, preferably a week before Diwali.

Can’t Avoid Crackers? Take these Precautions!

If you still can’t avoid crackers on Diwali, at least be safe.

Precautions need to be taken if you are using fire crackers on Diwali

  • Try to use firecrackers that are less explosive and noisy.
  • Do not try to burst crackers in your hand in any case.
  • Educate children before Diwali. In fact discouraging them to use firecrackers is the best way to help keep the world safe for them! Engage them in other creative and fun activities than bursting carckers. If anyhow, they do burst crackers, be with them.
  • Try to keep the fireworks at safe place away from children in tight boxes at a cool and dry place. Make sure that place is away from any heat.
  • Never try to do any pranks on your dear ones with fireworks. Don’t put crackers in anyone’s pocket after igniting them or do not tie them with clothes or shoes. It can be dangerous and life threatening too besides being illegal!
  • Do not wear loose clothes while using fireworks. These types of clothes are prone to catch fire easily. Saree pallu and dupatta should be tied properly before bursting crackers.
  • Wear cotton and avoid silk and other synthetic clothing that easily catch fire.
  • If you use different fireworks at once, it can cause harm to you. Try to avoid bursting them together.

These were only precautions and not a means of sustenance. Avoid Crackers, Preserve Earth!

Make your Diwali safe and guide your near and dear ones to avoid fireworks this Diwali. Enjoy the prosperous festival of lights without any pollution and anxiety.

Have a happy, safe, cracker free eco-friendly Diwali.

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