Akshya Tritiya – Akha Teej

Akshaya Tritiya Date 2016

Monday 9 May

Akshya Tritiya is considered the most auspicious day of any year by the Hindus. ‘Akshya’ is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘one that never exhausts’ and ‘Tritiya’ means ‘third day’. Akshya Tritiya falls on the third day of Shukla Paksha – ‘the bright half of the lunar month’ (full moon fortnight) in the Hindu month of Vaishakh. This coincides with late April or early May as per the Gregorian calendar. This day is also popularly referred to as Akha Teej and Navanna Parvam in certain regions of India. Akshatrij is also an important day for Jain community.

Akshya Tritiya 2016 Date

Akshya Tritiya this year will be celebrated on 9th May 2016.

What is Akshya Tritiya- Its Significance

Happy Akshaya Tritiya 2012Akshaya tritiya is an important day of Hindu calendar due to the special planetary position of Sun, Moon and Jupitar all of which come together in Mrigshira Nakshatra. Nakshatra means asterism (set of stars) having astrological values. Thus, Akshya Tritiya holds special astrological significance where it is believed that each second of this date is auspicious and any good work can be started or performed on this day of Akha Teej. There is no need to calculate ‘shubh muhurat’ (auspicious time) on this day for conducting any good work. That is why, Akshya Tritiya is also known for ‘Aboojh Muhurat’ meaning ‘one that doesn’t need to calculate auspicious time’

Other than the astrological value, Akshya Tritiya date is also considered auspicious due to many beliefs related to it. It is said that whatever work is started on Akha Teej is bound to be successful. Thus people in India lay utmost importance to this day and perform all kinds of auspicious ceremonies like wedding, beginning of house construction, buying gold, diamonds and other jewelry, etc. In fact, the jewelery shops and even banks take advantage of gold rush buying by giving special Akshya Tritiya offers on gold jewelry and gold coins etc.

Akshya Tritiya Gold Buying

Akshya Tritiya Rituals

Akshya Tritiya is celebrated in various ways in different regions of India. However, the similarity lies in such factors as charity, special ‘Puja’ (worship) for prosperity and in beginning new ventures. This day is mainly dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. People worship them at homes and in temples.

Lakshmi Kubera Homa

Many people even perform an elaborate Lakshmi Puja or Lakshmi Kubera Homa or Havan (ritual where offerings are made into a consecrated fire) on this day.

Lakshmi Kubera Homa on Akshya Tritiya

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity and Kubera is believed to be the treasurer of Heaven. Thus, people on Akshya Tritiya day worship these two deities in order to make their lives prosporous.

Daan- Charity or Donations

On the auspicious occasion of Akshya Tritiya, people in India make many kinds of charities such as Jala (Water) Daan , Vastra (Clothes) Daan, Chhatra (Umbrella) Daan, Naarikela (Coconut) Daan, Anna (Food) Daan, etc.

Beginning of Pilgrimage

People in India take dips in the holy river Ganges on the day of Akshya Tritiya to wash off their sins. Many people start Yatras (religious trips) as it is considered that anything that begins on Akshaya Tritiya brings success and a successful pilgrimage is said to be a must for salvation according to Hindu religion. Thus, holy Yatras to Kedarnath, Badrinath, Char Dhaam and other pilgrim places start on this day.

Akshya Tritiya day is also considered auspicious for marriages and thus many people tie wedding knots on this day.

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