Christmas in Jaisalmer

Christmas is the best time of the year to visit Jaisalmer. No doubt about that! Jaisalmer is right next to the Thar Desert, and as you can understand, it’s simply too hot at other times of the year because of the arid conditions. But it’s strikingly beautiful and so definitely worth a visit. Make your visit and stay comfortable while celebrating Christmas in India. Pick this Christmas for a trip to Jaisalmer to experience the Great Indian Desert.

Christmas in Jaisalmer

Rajasthan is going to be a treat for your senses. It is an enticing kaleidoscope of rich Rajput culture, history and colorful people. And Jaisalmer is its most cherished treasure.

Christmas in Jaisalmer

The fort here is a breathtaking sight. This is a massive yellow-stone sand castle that rises from the sandy plains like a mirage from a bygone era. And not just that, there are some amazing havelis in the city itself. The havelis on the way to Patwon-ki-Haveli have also been wonderfully restored. You will love seeing them. It’s like you are instantly transformed to another time. There is also the Gadisar Lake and a beautiful Jain temple.

Christmas Celebration in Jaisalmer

The city of Jaisalmer and the surrounding desert landscape is the place of the Rajputs. You will rarely find any Christians or churches here, and so, there are no events specific to Christmas, even though a lot of Christian tourists visit the place at this time, and most of them are from outside India. However some of them will organize their own events. The many desert safari camps and resorts in Jaisalmer are only too happy to comply and make all the arrangements. You can attend one of these ceremonies. It’s a private event, but nobody will stop you from attending them. After all, there is the Christmas spirit in the air.

Christmas in Jaisalmer

There are traditional Christmas dinners too. You can try this as well. But you will certainly be required to pay for this of course.

You can stay in the city of Jaisalmer itself. There are many hotels and havelis to choose from. But the better option will be to stay within the desert, which is about an hour away by road. There are two places you can stay inside the desert – Sam, and Khuri. They are both small villages. Celebrate your Christmas Eve in one of the resorts there. Most of these resorts organize special events, including a concert by Manganiyar musicians on the Christmas Eve. Wake up to a glorious Christmas morning. Don’t forget to wish everybody “Merry Christmas”.

Why go to Jaisalmer for Christmas Vacation

There are some very good reasons for visiting Jaisalmer during Christmas.

  • The weather is nice this time of the year. Day time temperature is mild. It can get very cold in the night though.
    The milder weather lets you go on long camel safaris into the desert from your camp.
    A Christmas Eve away from the city within the desert is a memorable experience.

Moreover, Jaisalmer has become one of the most visited Christmas vacation destinations in India and thus you can actually get a very special and different feeling of celebrating Christmas in a desert along with many other tourists from various parts of the world!

Things to do in Jaisalmer during Christmas

Christmas in Jaisalmer

  • Go on a desert safari. Feel the magical sand dunes of Rajasthan!
  • Take a camel ride.
  • Enjoy the delicious Rajasthani foods.
  • Spend a night inside the desert and wake up to the call of the peacock and deers. This you can do by staying in a desert safari camp.
  • See the famous fort of Jaisalmer and the havelis.
    Visit the Gadisar lake which is a serene location to spend some quite time. See the expanse of the lake and if you want to have some ‘alone-time’ during your Christmas vacation at Jaisalmer, carry along a good book with you!
  • Try Bhang at one of the government approved shops. Bhang is prepared from the leaves and flowers buds of the female cannabis plant and has a ‘yogurty’ flavor. Mildly intoxicating, it is consumed as a beverage in the Indian subcontinent. The ride of Bhang is awesome. Be careful though and don’t overdo this. After all, you want to spend your Christmas holidays enjoying your stay at the the mesmerizing Rajasthan desert and not to fall ill!

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