Christmas in Kashmir

What’s a Christmas without some snow? Your kids will love to play with the snow and create their own Santa with it. You could chip in as well and bring out the kid in you. Does this appeal to you? If it does, then you could seriously consider visiting Kashmir this Christmas. Christmas in India, that too in snow laden Kashmir of winters! It’s going to be a vacation like no other. All such dreams of you and your family could come true in the valley, because it’s almost always a white Christmas in Kashmir.

Christmas in Kashmir

There is another very strong reason for visiting Kashmir during Christmas. And it’s a fantastic one too. There is a school of thought that says that Christ did not die after all with his crucifixion. He managed to escape and continued living in France for several years, before traveling to Kashmir, and this is where he eventually expired. Christianity also believes that Jesus was resurrected from death.

Jesus and Kashmir- the Link between the Two

The Bible says Jesus ascended to heaven. And as you know, Kashmir is known as “heaven on earth”. Many Kashmiris to this day believe that they are the descendants of one of the lost 10 tribes of Israel who fled the Assyrian occupation. Jesus might have wanted to seek refuge among his own people.

There’s even a tomb in Srinagar that is believed to be the final resting place of Jesus Christ. The Rozabal shrine of the Sufi saint Yuz Asaf is located in downtown Srinagar. It is often referred to as the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.

Actually, there are many scholars who believe in this theory firmly. Several books have been written on this as well. BBC has created a documentary on this. A few years back some of them even asked for a DNA test. That was disallowed though.

It could be true because some scholars have claimed that Jesus had traveled to Kashmir before as well sometime between the age of 13 and 30 years – the missing years of Jesus Christ. During this time, he learned Hinduism and Buddhism, and became heavily influenced by them. In fact, Jesus was so much influenced by Krishna that he ended up spreading his words. So the people of Kashmir used to refer to him as “Jezeus Christna” (after Krishna). There is some history to back this up.

Mainstream Christian scholarship however, generally rejects any theory that talks about any travels by Jesus to India, Tibet or surrounding areas.

Christmas in Kashmir

Christmas Celebration in Kashmir

It would be something seeing the grave in Srinagar, mentioned above, during Christmas. This would surely be a unique experience. There are a few churches as well you might want to visit, the most famous one being the Holy Family Catholic Church at Moulana Azad Road in Srinagar. The church is decorated specially for Christmas, sometimes with colorful buntings and balloons. Kashmir now has a small Christian population, but they celebrate with much fanfare. Masses and carol singing is held. There are traditional dinners as well. And if you can make it to Gulmarg, you can as well visit the church there, all covered in snow at this time of the year. This church looks stunning covered in snow.

Christmas in Kashmir

Why go to Kashmir for Christmas Vacation

  • To see the snow and experience snowfall.
  • Visit what’s believed to be the grave of Jesus Christ. Spending Christmas with what could be the grave with the person who started the religion is going to be something unique.

Things to do in Kashmir during Christmas

  • Enjoy the snow everywhere. Create a snowman or Santa.
  • Enjoy the fantastic natural beauty of Pahalgam.
  • Try skiing or the ropeway at Gulmarg.
  • See a frozen Dal Lake and walk on it. You will rarely get this anywhere else in India.

Christmas in Kashmir

  • Do some shopping – try the Pashmina shawl or Kashmiri carpets.
  • Don’t forget to buy the famous saffron of Kashmir.
  • Visit a church and offer your prayers. This could be the most amazing place to offer prayer during Christmas, in Kashmir, the Heaven on Earth!

Kashmir is, in fact, not only one of the top Christmas vacation destinations in India, but is the most wished for travel destination in India. It is a delight to your senses. You can plan a trip to Kashmir any time of the year but the winter of Kashmir is altogether a different experience, an out of world experience to have!

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