Good Friday

Good Friday Date 2016

Friday 25 March

Good Friday is a religious day for Christians which can’t be exactly called a festival because it commemorates the death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Good Friday holiday falls during the Holy Easter Week. It is known by different names including Black Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday, and Easter Friday.


What is Good Friday?

Good FridayGood Friday can be called one of the mourning festivals when Christians commemorate the death and sufferings experienced by Jesus Christ. It is a part of ‘Paschal Triduum’- the three days period which begins with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on the evening of Maundy Thursday and ends with evening prayer on Easter Sunday. All these days recall the passion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus as stated in the canonical Gospels. On the day of Good Friday, Christians recall the passion and crucifixion of Jesus.

When is Good Friday?

Good Friday 2016 date falls on 25th March 2016. Every year, Good Friday falls on a different date. This is because the Holy Friday falls on the Friday before the Easter Sunday and Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after the vernal equinox (March 21). This means, the date for Easter and in turn of Good Friday is decided according to the lunar calendar. However, the Gregorian calendar is based on the movement of Earth around the sun. Therefore, the date of Good Friday is different each year.

Good Friday in India

Good Friday Prayer in IndiaGood Friday is one of the major holidays in India when all the schools, colleges and government offices are closed. Other offices may work but most of them grant restricted holiday to their employees which means that if someone wish to celebrate Good Friday can have a holiday on that day from among the yearly quota of restricted holidays.

Good Friday Celebration

Good Friday is not a festival of joy and therefore it is observed as an occasion remembering the teachings of Jesus who taught the righteous way of life to his followers and took all sufferings himself. In India too, people belonging to Christian community go to church for special services and pray. Many Christians observe fast or abstain from having non vegetarian food on this day. In many places where Christians live in majority, parades or open air plays are organized to educate about the last days of Jesus’ life.

A wooden cross, commemorating the crucifixion of Christ, is displayed in churches. People come and kiss it to show their respect and faith. Afternoon service is carried on in Churches where narratives from the four Gospels are read out. Sermons, meditation and prayers remembering the suffering endured by Jesus Christ are significant parts of Good Friday celebrations. A general communion service at midnight is also held. In some places, mourners wear black clothes and hold a procession with an image of Jesus Christ which culminates in a ceremonial burial. The bells of the churches remain silent on Good Friday as it is a day of mourning.

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