Sunburn Festival of Goa

Sunburn is a one of a kind festival in India, but this is one event that has caught the attention of many music lovers from all over the world. It’s held in Goa every year for three days. The first edition of the Sunburn Festival of Goa was held in 2007, and it was a huge success. So they decided to make this an annual event. 2014 is going to be the eighth time it will be held.

Sunburn Festival of Goa

Those who have been there, and even people who haven’t, agree that Goa is an amazing holiday destination, especially during Christmas in India. Goa is good throughout the year. But it’s best during the winter holidays, because that’s when you get to be a part of many of Goa’s amazing celebrations, such as the Sunburn Festival. This festival is, in fact, one of the reasons why Goa is one of the top Christmas vacation destinations in India.

What is the Sunburn Festival of Goa?

The Sunburn festival of Goa is today the largest electronic music festival in Asia. This is clearly not for everyone. However if you are somebody into electronic music and other genres close to this, then it’s definitely the place where you should be. You can see many bands and individual performers showing off their talents here. And some of these performers come all the way from Europe, America, Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries. The festival is now recognized the world over.

Sunburn Festival of Goa

It was started by Nikhil Chinapa, the popular VJ in 2007. Sunburn over the years has grown to become much more than just music festival over three days. Sunburn is a synergy of entertainment, music, shopping, lifestyle and food. These days, some of the best disk jockeys of the world like Armin Van Buuren, Avicii, Dash Berlin, and Swedish House Mafia, and others attend this festival.

Where is the Sunburn Festival Held

The festival is held at Vagator in Goa at the end of December every year, between Christmas and New Year. Some of the events are held at the Candolim Beach in Goa. After parties of the festival are held at different night clubs and disks. This has been a three day event from the first year itself.

However it has now become so popular that the festival is spreading its wings. For instance, this festival was also held in Sri Lanka in 2012 and in Dubai the next year. Sunburn has spread to various Indian cities as well, such as Delhi, Noida and Bengaluru. They all have their own versions of the festival now. Sunburn concerts have also been held at BITS Pilani, IITs, and in a few AIIMS campuses as well, and these have been attended by both Indian and international artists. BITS Pilani Goa was the first to host the festival on campus. Sunburn is not just a festival now anymore. It has become a brand.

Go Goa to Celebrate Christmas and Enjoy Sunburn Festival!

You can spend a few amazing days during the winter break in Goa. Enjoy the beaches. See the Portuguese architecture. And have a blast at the Sunburn festival. See the performances. Try some authentic Goa and Konkan cuisine. Don’t forget to buy some memorabilia too! And that’s not all, there are many more things to do in Goa during your Christmas vacation. To believe this, read Christmas in Goa!

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