Devotional Materials

Devotional Materials of All Religions- IndiaIndia is known as a place that lives and breathes religion. People here- no matter of what religion- start their day with devotional practices. This is in the form of worshiping their respective Gods through methods and materials prescribed in their ancient sacred writings. Thus, a Hindu man or woman here might worship in the morning by reading Bhagwad Geeta, Durga Saptshati, Hanuman Chalisa or by simply chanting mantras with or without holy beads like Rudraksha Mala, Tulsi Mala etc. A Muslim devotee has his own way for offering prayers through reading Namaz. A Sikh might read Guru Granth Sahib- their sacred book and a Christian might offer prayers through Christian devotional prayers.

Not only in the morning, the people in India- as a practice- offer prayers in the evening too by worshiping and singing ‘Aarti’- the devotional songs praising gods and goddesses to seek their holy blessings. Here we have tried to present a collection of all such devotional materials like devotional songs, mantras, the sacred writings of various religions, aartis etc. You will get these devotional materials here in form of devotional songs’ lyrics in their original language such as Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu etc. as well as in English. Some of the devotional songs and aartis have been presented in audio and video formats too.

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