Raksha Bandhan SMS Wishes

While the bond of love between a brother and sister cannot be limited in few lines, the Raksha Bandhan SMS wishes do express the immense love that exists between them. Many rakhi quotes that are sent as SMS wishes to brothers and sisters are either excerpts from some famous Rakhi poems or special texts written for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan itself. There are many quotes that are not related to Raksha Bandhan festival but are taken from works of literature by famous personalities of the world just because they beautifully depict the intense emotions that stay within siblings for each other. Here you will get a collection of such Rakhi SMS wishes qnd quotes that would make you capable of expressing your love towards your sister or brother.

Rakhi SMS Wishes in Hindi (हिन्दी राखी SMS)

मेरा भाई चंदा से भी प्यारा, मेरा भाई सूरज से भी न्यारा।

भाई ने दिया इतना प्यार, ये जीवन मैने उसपर वारा।

माँ ने दिया जीवन मगर, तुमने ही उसे संवारा।

राखी के दिन दुआ है मेरी, खुशियों से भर जाये उसका जहां सारा।


Raksha Bandhan SMS in Hindi


बहना ने आज याद वादा किया है भाई से

प्यार बांधा है उसकी कलाई से

कभी ना छोड़ूँगी साथ तेरा

लड़ना पड़े चाहे सारी खुदाई से।

राखी की ढेर सारी शुभकामनायें


Rakhi SMS Wishes in English

Rakhi SMS for Brothers from Sisters

God could not take care of the whole world
So he sent mother to each family.
Mother could not take care for whole life
So she gave me a brother
Thanks for being my brother.
Happy Raksha Bandhan


Rakhi SMS

Brothers are like streetlights along the road, they don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.
Happy Rakhi to the Best Brother!


You never say no, you never say its impossible and you never say you can’t. That’s my brother, a superman who makes things possible and who makes my path smoother. I love you Bro.
Happy Rakhi!

It was nice growing up with someone like you – someone to lean on, someone to count on… someone to tell on

Rakhi SMS Greetings

Rakhi SMS for Sisters from Brothers

याद आता है अक्सर वो गुज़रा ज़माना

तेरी मीठी सी आवाज़ मे भैया कहकर बुलाना

वो स्कूल के लिये मुझे जगाना

अब क्या करें बहना, यही है ज़िंदगी का तराना

We are far today and I miss you so much
Rakhi you sent makes me feel better
It says you are here with me sister
From my wrist, it touches my heart and says
May God bless my sis with all happiness, love and success.
Happy Rakhi to You

Gaining and Losing is a thing of everyday,
But this is true my sis for all life as it is today.
You will never lose me, I will always be there,
Come what may.
Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan SMS Quotes Greetings

Sister is someone who cares and shares. Sister can understand things you never said. She understands pain not visible to anyone else. I love you my sister.
Happy Raksha Bandhan!

God sent a beautiful Angel to me and that’s you my Sister. In good times or bad times, you are always there to help and support me. Thanks for all you do and for what you are for me.
Happy Rakhi to My Dear Sister

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