Christmas in Kerala

Kerala, God’s Own Country, is getting all the attention it deserves. With some incredible beaches lined with coconut trees, backwaters, fabulous islands, near-virgin forests, lakes, misty mountains, and plantations – Kerala certainly packs a punch. Rarely will you find all of this together in one place. Naturally, the world is turning to this south Indian state to discover its natural wonders.

Christmas in Kerala

Visit Kerala this Christmas for a week or so, and you could see it all. Make no mistake about it – Kerala is going to remain etched in your memory for a really long time. Christmas in India has different flavors in different regions and Kerala is undoubtedly one of the best places to be in during Christmas holidays.

Are you still undecided about where to visit this Christmas? Let us again suggest Kerala to you. This is actually the perfect place to visit for one very good reason. Read on to know why.

Most people believe that the early Portuguese explorers, traders, and missionaries introduced Christianity in India. Wrong answer! It is believed that Christianity was actually introduced to India by St. Thomas, who was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Thomas landed in Muziris in Kerala, and while he was staying here, he established the famous seven and half churches. That was in AD 52. Do keep in mind that Christianity hadn’t even reached Rome at that time, and Rome is considered the seat of modern Christianity. So Christianity has a longer history in India than Rome.

If this wasn’t enough reason for you to include Kerala in the top Christmas vacation destinations in India, keep on reading, you’ll find many more for sure!

Christmas in Kerala

Christmas Celebration in Kerala

It would definitely be something celebrating the Christmas vacation in such a place, with such an incredible history. Visit one of the churches, and just feel it. The communities that were converted by St. Thomas exist to this day in Kerala. These people run the famous Jacobite Church and the Mar Thoma Church. Perhaps you could go to one of them. Look closely at the rituals. They are unique because they are conducted in the Syriac language, unlike other places in India.

Christmas is more secular in Kerala than other parts of the country. Most families, whether they are Christians or not, would hang some lights or a star outside their homes. You will see this particularly in the larger cities of Kochi, Calicut and Trivandrum. The beaches and parks are decorated as well.

Christmas in KeralaPhoto Credit: The Hindu

This is the time for family reunions as well. People would come from all over, even abroad, and attend the midnight mass and traditional turkey dinner together. Many families will make cakes and traditional Kerala sweets at home and have them together. Some would even carry them to the mass where they will share them with others at the feast after this.

Why go to Kerala for Christmas Vacation

Visit Kerala during Christmas for the following reasons.

  • See some of the most beautiful churches in India.
  • For special Christmas mass, carols, and prayers.
  • To learn about the history of Christianity.
  • For its outstanding natural beauty.
  • Winter comes after the monsoon, and so all the water bodies are full. There is lush greenery everywhere.

Christmas in Kerala

Things to do in Kerala during Christmas

  • Stay in a houseboat.
  • Take a trip along the Kerala backwaters on a houseboat
  • Get an ayurvedic massage.
  • Learn Christmas carols.
  • See the architecture of ancient Kerala churches.
  • Enjoy the delicious seafood of Kerala.
  • Enjoy some time at picturesque Kerala beaches
  • Learn about the unique Christian rituals of Kerala and the Syriac language.
  • Enjoy nature.


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