Christmas in Goa

You can raid the beaches of Goa this Christmas. Is there a better way to spend your winter vacation within India? Probably not! Sure enough, there are plenty of amazing places to visit in the country during the winter season. You can visit the Andaman Islands if you love the sea, go to the Kashmir valley if you love the snow, and even try Rajasthan for its nicer weather and of course the many forts and havelis, but where else will you get that definitive Christian touch during the Christmas break? Yes! If you want to see the grand celebration of Christmas in India, go to Goa!

Christmas in Goa

Christmas Celebration in Goa

The fact is that, Goa is probably the most happening place in the country during Christmas. There are beach parties everywhere. You could go out to the water for a swim during the day or just laze around once you have found your spot on the beach. But it can get really wild after the sundown. The entire Goa comes to life in the evening. You can listen to music, try the food, and be a part of the general merry making. Plus, there is a lot of dancing as well.

Christmas in Goa

There is the Sunburn festival. And there are special masses and events in the many churches in Goa. You will see the glowing star and Christmas trees of every size everywhere. The trees are often decorated with tinsel stars, cotton or snow flakes, lights, candies and even cakes. In fact almost every house is decorated this time of the year. The streets and parks are illuminated too with special lights. Probably all this makes Goa one of the top Christmas vacation destinations in India!

Why go to Goa for Christmas Vacation

For many reasons actually!

First,there is the weather. Goa can actually be quite hot during the summer. It’s certainly milder during the Dussehra break, but you can’t still call it very comfortable yet. It’s the winter break, during Christmas, when you are likely to feel most comfortable visiting this beach paradise.

Christmas in Goa

If you are kind of religious, then the second reason is got to be for the churches. These are really unique churches, because of their Portuguese designs. You will rarely find them elsewhere in the country. And they really look amazing when they are decorated for Christmas. This adds to their inherent beauty. Add to that all those carols and mass, and prayers, and you have a solid reason for visiting Goa during Christmas. Even non-religious people are going to love it.

The third reason is of course for the many parties, be it beach parties, trance parties or the dance parties at clubs, hotels and pubs! You will find them everywhere in Goa at this time of the year – in the many beaches, night clubs and discos.

If looking for the fourth reason, don’t forget the many trance parties and music festivals, one of which is the famous Sunburn festival of Goa, the largest electronic music festival in Asia! If you don’t experience it, you won’t know how the modern music can also create a magic!

And the final reason, the picturesque beauty of Goa where you can just sit and relax by yourself! If you are looking for some ‘alone time’ or want to be just with your partner, you may find a secluded or not-so-busy-beach and relax there looking at the natural beauty of Goa that can’t be described in words!

Christmas in Goa

Things to do in Goa During Christmas

  • Visit the Portuguese churches in Goa and see the decorations.
    Attend the Christmas mass.
  • See a carol singing performance, and perhaps try it as well.
    Attend live orchestra parties and see performances from renowned personalities.
  • Experience the rave beach parties that can sometimes last till late into the night.
  • Go to elite hotels, bars, pubs and nightclubs and if you are a party freak, you’ll love the lively parties there where you can dance your night out.
  • Be a part of the Sunburn festival.
  • Enjoy the trance parties of Goa, and know what is a state of hypnotism and heightened consciousness through these amazing electronic dance music.
  • Try some authentic Goa and Konkani cuisine.
  • Try some of the unique Goanese drinks if you are into this. It really flows during Christmas. Have the local drink feni!
  • And if that’s not all, stay back till new year celebrations in Goa and enjoy the grand way of welcoming the new year too!

New Year Celebration in Goa

So, are you visiting Goa for Christmas this year? If you do go, don’t forget to share your experience here! But don’t first forget to book your tour package for Goa as these are much in demand every year during Christmas vacation!

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